How Checking Receipts Can Save Money


From time to time, things get the best of me and I let various forms of paperwork pile up, putting off today what I can do tomorrow. I become the Bizzaro Ben Franklin. This pile can end up filling a paper box or two before I tackle it.

This pile continues to grow larger until I eventually force myself to go through it for an hour or more on a weekend. Recently I completed such a task and found, to my horror, I missed a number of money saving opportunities while discovering ones I still could take advantage.

My first find was a Chili’s receipt. I found I could have completed an online survey for a chance to win $1000. Unfortunately, you had to do this within two days of receiving


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4 Responses to How Checking Receipts Can Save Money

  1. Roseli A. Bakar says:

    Well you certainly could save more if you had a habit of reading your receipts.

  2. Chessiq says:

    Nice post. You could also save by discovering that an item was rung twice, or something that you thought was on a discount was not sold as such, sometimes the teller needs to manually enter a code for the discount to count. It is easier to dispute/claim these charges the same day/week than months later.

  3. A Marino says:

    Lately, I have just been dropping any receipt that I have in a folder and putting it into the file cabinet, otherwise that can get lost. I try to go through the folder in a week, to file what I need away. I have always kept grocery receipts separately into the bank envelopes. You never know when there is a recall and you can check your receipts.

  4. I put all the receipts I get during the day in my pocket. When I get home, I empty them out on my desk. I make sure I enter them in the checkbook and keep them there until they clear the bank. That way, I can verify all the amounts match.

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