Nine Treasure Finding Tips From A Garage Sale Junkie

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I seem to have inherited the garage sale gene from my grandparents. Every time I went to their house as a kid, they would show off their latest garage sale finds — puzzles, wall art, books, and whatever knickknacks struck their fancy. I never went to many garage sales as a kid, but now that I’m adult forever in search of ways to make life more affordable, I’ve begun to fulfill my genetic destiny as a garage sale junkie. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up in my adventures that will help you get the best deals.

1. Timing Matters. Most garage sales occur on the weekend and will start between 7:00 am and 9:00 am. There are usually more held on Saturdays than on


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5 Responses to Nine Treasure Finding Tips From A Garage Sale Junkie

  1. Brad Hart says:

    Hit your office supply store sales on Sunday and Wal-Mart on Monday. Most of the office supply stores have limited quantities of their super sale items on Sunday but if you get there by noon you will get your full lot. The big thing is to only by the sale items and start shopping and collecting early. You know your grade schooler is always going to be in need of some items and if they are like my boy will need regular replacements, not to mention I turn off the TV and give him a box of Crayola’s and a cheap spiral bound notebook for entertainment on a regular basis.

    My last foray to Staples and Office Depot got me the following on sale.

    Crayola 24 count 0.15 x 6
    Store Brand White Glue 0.05 x 5
    Pocket Folders 0.05 x 20
    10 count Ball Point Pens 0.10 x 20
    1″ 3 ring binder 0.99 x 6
    12 count pencils 0.15 x 10
    150 sheets loose leaf paper 0.50 x 10
    6 pack 1 subject spiral notebooks 0.59 x5
    2 pack school scissors 0.50 x2
    glue sticks 4 count 0.25 x 4

    Granted he won’t use mos of this stuff for school and my wife or I will use some of it, especially the spiral notebooks and pens, but if you spend the $3 to $6 on only super saver items you will never run out of the things they need. The first time he says mid October I need new colors mine are broken I can simply whip out a package and not feel irritable about the price or have to go out and buy substandard dollar store hunks of wax because that is all the extra I have in my budget.

    The second big savings tip is a couple of times a month I pick my mother in law up from work at Wal-Mart. I go in a little early with sales ad get everything from the Sunday super sale from the office store and when she is ready to leave we price match everything at the register getting an additional 10% off plus her 10% employee discount. yes yes I know it seems petty asking for 10 cents off a dollar’s worth of folders and then taking another 10%, but even guys love the thrill of a bargain sometimes…

  2. Shannon says:

    Thanks for the nod! You have some great tips here. I’m sorry to see you’re not writing as much lately — I always enjoy your articles.

  3. Brad Hart says:

    how did I manage to put my back to school shopping discussion in this post….

    they belong here

  4. Matthew says:

    Well, I happen to have an original G1 Optimus Prime action figure that’d I’d be willing to sell… :-)

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