Ten Ways to Save on Birthday Parties

save on birthday parties

With the excesses of some of today’s birthday parties (fueled by peer groups and celebrated in shows like MTV’s My Super Sweet 16), it’s easy to get carried away in spending to host the perfect celebration. Don’t forget that frugal people can have fun, too! Here are ten ways to save on birthday parties so that you’re not paying off last year’s party when the next birthday rolls around.

1. Choose a free location. Have the party at your home or in a public place that doesn’t charge to use its facilities (such as a park or playground with picnic tables).

2. Time the celebration for mid-afternoon, between lunch and dinner. If you hold the party wh


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6 Responses to Ten Ways to Save on Birthday Parties

  1. mbkonef says:

    One of my favorite birthday parties to do, which I have done for 3 of my 4 kids is a all holiday party. We wrapped very small favors in Christmas/Hannukah paper, had a heart shaped (homemade) Valentine cake, and went trick or treating in the summer. I contacted about 8 – 10 neighbors ahead of time to see if they would be home. I supplied the neighbors with small candies which the kids took home as their party favors. We made simple masks as a party craft and then went trick-or-treating to collect the candy. Trust me, what kid would not be excited to get to go trick-or-treating when it is not even Halloween. And my neighbors all had a ball seeing the kids and handing out the candy.

  2. nanamom says:

    I do home parties all the time. We are having a Dino Dig. Sand or dirt with small dinos hidden in it. You can get bags of 8 to 10 at the dollar store. I did a Character party without the “real” characters. We acted like them and made similiar stuff. We always request no gifts at birthday parties because we want out kids to not be materialistic.

  3. Leah Ingram says:

    Thanks for confirming what I believe to be true–that when it comes to kids’ birthdays, simple is often better. I wrote in my blog here http://suddenlyfrugal.blogspot.com/2007/06/birthday-celebration-on-budget.html that after years of outsourcing my daughters’ birthday parties, this year we went back to basics by having a party at home, with a cake that I made, and using left over party favors and decorations from birthdays gone by. We saved a ton of money, and I think everyone had a great time. Thanks for this terrific article.

    Leah Ingram

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