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Earn $10 For Taking Photos of Each Local Retail Store

Looking for a way to earn a few extra bucks for the upcoming holiday season or you know of a college student that needs some extra money this summer? Then this definitely may be something to look into. Google maps is looking for people to take some photos and gather basic information about local retail outlets so they can be included in their Google Maps area, and they will pay you $10 for each one that you do. That retail street in the main section of town could be worth several hundred dollars to you. here are some of the specifics:

Why should I become a Google Business Referral Representative?

Joining the Google Local Business Referrals (LBR) program is a great way to earn some money while connecting people to the businesses in your neighborhood. The information you collect could be seen by millions of people who use Google every day. And you’ll be helping the businesses you refer attract new customers while also making it easier for people in your community to find the products and services they’re searching for.

What will I be doing as a representative?

As a Google Business Referral Representative, you’ll visit local businesses to collect information (such as hours of operation, types of payment accepted, etc.) for Google Maps, and tell them about Google Maps and Google AdWords. You’ll also take a few digital photos of the business that will appear on the Google Maps listing along with the business information. After the visit, you submit the business’ info and photo(s) to Google through your Local Business Referrals Center, and we’ll pay you up to $10 for each listing that is approved by Google and verified by the business.

All you need to be a successful Business Referral Representative is a passion for helping local businesses succeed, a love for the Internet (some knowledge of Google is great, too), and access to a computer and a digital camera.

How much will I be paid? How will I be paid?

You can earn up to $10 for each approved, verified referral you submit. This includes $2 when a business referral is approved by Google; and $8 when an approved business verifies that the information you submitted is accurate. Referrals are approved by Google based on the completeness and quality of data supplied by representatives. Businesses verify their information either by sending us a response postcard or verifying their information online.

As long as your earnings total at least $25 a month, you’ll receive a monthly check.

What are the eligibility requirements for the program?

To be eligible for consideration as a Google Business Referral Representative, you must be authorized to work as a contractor in the U.S., be at least 18 years of age, and be able to complete an IRS Form W-9. You must also have access to a computer and a digital camera.

For more information about the program and how to sign up, you can find it at the Google Local Business Referral Faq Page

4 thoughts on “Earn $10 For Taking Photos of Each Local Retail Store

  1. So it’s not actually $10 just for taking a picture of the store. You have to go in, get what sounds like a lot of information (including, presumably, the owner’s email address), and hope that they are interested in what Google offers.

    Sounds like a lot of work for not a lot of money.

  2. AND, it’s not $10 (but only $2) if the business doesn’t return the card or get online to verify information. So, to get the full amount, you’ll need to hound the business to comply.

  3. This information is OLD. Why is is even here? The sign-up link states that “as you know,” the program has been discontinued.

    You’d think a company as Internet savvy and high tech as Google would have the good sense to delete old information; I guess not.

    Goodbye, Mountain View Road.

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