Photo Essay – 25 Money Confessions

A few months ago I started to collect money confessions from audience members from talks that I had given. At the end of the talk, I asked people to anonymously write down a money confession that they had not told anyone up to that point. I found the wide variety of confessions both interesting and moving and felt it was worth sharing them with others. The following is a compilation of the first 25 money confessions that I have listed:

Broken Piggy Bank
“I took all of my children’s savings to help pay for my face-lift”

park bench
“I lost my job 3 weeks ago and I still haven’t told my wife.”

money & happiness
“I don’t believe people that say money can’t make you happy.”

judging by the clothes you wear
“People think that I’m poor because of the way I dress. I have over $1 million in the bank.”

keeping up with the Joneses
“I am the Joneses.”

I only date men for their money
“I date men for their money.”

angry child
“I hated my parents when they wouldn’t give me everything my friends got. It was the best lesson they ever taught me.”

desk drawer
“I know my co-workers’ secrets because I go through their desk drawers when they leave. If the leave candy, stamps or money, I take it as my payment for keeping quiet.”

empty pockets
“I didn’t care about money until I didn’t have it anymore.”

house mortgage
“When my wife asked where I got the money, I told her that I had saved it. I really took a second mortgage out on our house.”

“I steal things even though I have the money to pay for them.”

“When people ask how I can afford my lifestyle, I tell them that I won the lottery. I have $80,000 in credit card debt”

“I can’t afford my wife.”

money over family
“The biggest mistake I ever made was choosing money over my family.”

Nigerian scam letter
“You know those Nigerian scam artists you read about? I am one of their victims.”

Father & Daughter
“My father thought that money would buy my love. All I wanted was his love.”

Job satisfaction
“My job is convincing people to buy things they don’t need. I’m good at it, but I hate myself every day.”

mom and daughter
“I’d give up all my money and success to know who my birth mother is.”

money & friendship
“Lending money to my friend cost me my closest friendship.”

gold bars
“I don’t care what people say. Money CAN solve all problems if you have enough.”

picking up pennies
“I’m a millionaire and I still pick up pennies off the sidewalk.”

“I spent over $10,000 preparing for the Y2K disaster that never happened.”

“When I see poor people, I think it is their own fault.”

dog pound
“I had to place my dog into the pound due to lack of money. I wish I hadn’t. I wonder if someone adopted him?”

“I don’t leave tips on principle no matter how good the service.”

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39 Responses to Photo Essay – 25 Money Confessions

  1. Amber says:

    Wow, I have to say that I have heard some of these comments/statements but the one that I am most familar with is “I am the Joneses.

  2. Cassie says:

    This is a wonderful photo essay.

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  7. Matt says:

    Wow. Great idea for a post! It was insightful, funny and visually pleasing all at the same time. Great work!

  8. I love it. Creative, fun, and so right on. (I’m the millionaire with the well-worn pair of jeans…)

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  11. CitizenX says:

    (This goes out to anyone who has had to drop off a well-loved pet at the pound.)

    Rest assured.
    We adopted your dog and later two other dogs. He/She stays indoors with us and is NEVER chained up outside. He/She has a large fenced-in yard for exploring and still loves to eat ice cubes and play with our children.

    He/She is the best dog we ever had and we just wanted to THANK YOU!

  12. CitizenXFan says:

    CitizenX, you’re a marvel. The world needs more people like you.

    Anyone who takes on a pet, should take it on for life. If you need to sell your car to pay for your dog’s food, sell your damn car. It’s your reponsibility.

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  14. guinness416 says:

    Karma’s gonna get the last guy in the worst way. And he’ll deserve it.

  15. Barnstable says:

    Non-tipper dude better never eat in the same place twice, or he be gettin’ some extra protein in his meal.

  16. Rolando Garza says:


    I dunno… I’m a sales rep and I basically do the same thing as a waiter; you have to know the products, your attitude and service is what probably will land a purchase order.

    A job is a job is a job… and you are paid to do it well.

  17. beanspants1 says:

    I love the idea, and most of the secrets are as heartfelt as they come, but I’m getting really tired of the “woe as me millionaire” that seems to have become common in the past few years.

    There are only around 2 million people in the US ‘with more than 1 million in the bank’, so eff off crybaby.

  18. Christopher Smith says:

    This is the best post I’ve read in a long time.

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  20. Natalie Tucker says:

    wow! great post!

  21. kitap says:

    I have to say that I have heard some of these comments/statements but this is s a wonderful photo essay:)

  22. Moon says:

    I eat at fast food places because I hate to tip.

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  25. wow says:

    wow, the dog one was so sad.

  26. marie says:

    i like these. these secrets are something that people feel bad about. i think this collection is a kind of support group for them.

    i would like to offer thanks to all the positive/ kind commenters. you cheered me up!

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  28. sophia says:

    aren’t some of these from post secret?

  29. pfadvice says:

    aren’t some of these from post secret?

    No. As you can see, all the images are photos (see at the bottom for credit) and not postcards.

  30. Gerri says:

    What a collection! Love the pictures you chose to illustrate these.

  31. pigart says:

    those shits happened because Capitalism IS evil and brutal.

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  33. WEli says:

    How stupid of ypu to leave your dog in the pound. He probobably got killed.

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  35. indir says:

    I have to say that I have heard some of these comments/statements but this is s a wonderful photo essay:)

  36. shauna says:

    so sad poor puppy

  37. Amy says:

    This is wonderful!! Thank you for sharing, Jeff.

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