Money Confession – College

I have placed together a series of money confessions that have been given to me anonymously over the past couple of months. This is confession number 28 in the series:

“I spent $80,000 on a college degree I will never use.”

Other confession already listed:

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3 Responses to Money Confession – College

  1. At least the education is an asset that won’t depreciate or be reposessed. When applying for any job, it is much more valuable to be able to list completion of any degree, vs. just attending college.

    Still, $80,000. That’s gotta hurt.

  2. Joey says:

    Oh man. We spent the same but it was in a field my wife loves and is enjoying the fruits of her labors. But her best friend spent four years at Santa Cruz and two years and USC Law. Roughly $200k in loans and she is now looking to change her field. She hates law. We saw it coming when she started it. Sooo stupid.

  3. elle says:

    more and more i think that high school grads who don’t know what they want to major in should take a year or so off and work until they figure it out. Its too bad there is so much pressure and stigma for them to jump right into college

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