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Moving – 10 Financial Reason You Should Always Help

In the past year, I have moved. My sister-in-law has and is again moving. My best friend’s mom moved, and my best friend moved. In the past six years, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law have each made significant moves, I have … Continue reading

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Are You Entitled To A Raise?

We all feel we deserve a raise, but are we entitled to one. Are employers required to give raises? Unless you have a contract stating you will receive a raise at a certain point, your employer is not required to … Continue reading

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Money Confession – Debt Tears

I would imagine that everyone has at least one money secret that they keep themselves. I ask people to anonymously write down their money secrets at the end of talks I give and share some of the more interesting ones … Continue reading

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Brand Names – The Falsehood Of You Get What You Pay For

My brother-in-law, whom I called “a bachelor with expensive taste” in a previous article, wants a retraction. He says “bachelor” is a slur. He prefers to be called “a single, successful marketing genius.” I will call him single and successful, … Continue reading

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How To Waste Money Making The Fancy Recipes You See On T.V.

I once saw a T.V. chef – he had the hat and the accent so I guess he was legit – make an Asian dish with toasted sesame seeds. The recipe was so simple and tasty – he said so, … Continue reading

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Money Confession – Rich & Poor

I have been collecting people’s money confessions at the end of my talks. I ask the people to write down a money confession and anonymously place it in a box that gets passed around. Through this I have found that … Continue reading

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Is It Cheaper to Be Nudist?

I just saw an ad for a nudist fish fry in our local weekly paper. My first question was how on earth do you safely deep fry anything while in the nude? Yow! And my second question was, Is it … Continue reading

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When Calling Customer Service Pays

I recently purchased a game that I wanted to check out. My intention was to sell off some of the pieces and end up with a limited number — like nine or ten out of fifty — to use to … Continue reading

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Money Confession – Today & Tomorrow

I collect people’s money confessions which they give to me anonymously and share some of the more interesting ones here. This is confession number 46 in the series: “I spend all my money today because there might not be a … Continue reading

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Kindergarten, Money and Positive Incentives

For the first day of kindergarten, I walked in to my daughter’s classroom and at each child’s place at the table lay 3 pennies. These were fake pennies, but as our kindergarten information packet stated, they were worth something. Every … Continue reading

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Money Confession – Career

This is one in a series of anonymous confessions I have collected over the past few months from audience members after talks I give. Some of the confessions I found interesting and I decided I would share some of them … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Thrive in Clutter: What To Do When You’re Ready To Stop Wasting Time and Money on the Battle Against Clutter

I am awed by those perfectly neat houses I see in magazines. I appreciate their aesthetics, and I have even been tempted a few times to go out and buy the organizing tools recommended for creating such a space-efficient closet … Continue reading

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Tips for Taking an Impromptu Vacation

Not everyone can afford the impromptu vacation, and we couldn’t have done it without having done some basic preparations. Here’s what we did, and what we spent, that made our two days refreshing and allowed us to arrive home relaxed. … Continue reading

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Money Confession – Ring

I have collected anonymous confessions for the past few months from audience members after the talks I give. I decided to share some of the more interesting confessions as part of a daily photo confession series. This is confession number … Continue reading

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How Checking Receipts Can Save Money

From time to time, things get the best of me and I let various forms of paperwork pile up, putting off today what I can do tomorrow. I become the Bizzaro Ben Franklin. This pile can end up filling a … Continue reading

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Sunday Reading – Money Articles Worth A Look

After the Pain of Foreclosure, a Big Tax Bill: “For those who struggle to pay their bills, who watch their housing payments rise out of reach with their adjustable-rate mortgages, who lose a job or who fall victim to illness, … Continue reading

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Saving Secrets: How To Save Money Buying School Supplies

I remember my mother being hit with that little piece of paper once a year: the school supply list specifying discretely the ways your child will be ridiculed if you skip something, or worse, choose to empty your wallet on … Continue reading

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Nine Treasure Finding Tips From A Garage Sale Junkie

I seem to have inherited the garage sale gene from my grandparents. Every time I went to their house as a kid, they would show off their latest garage sale finds — puzzles, wall art, books, and whatever knickknacks struck … Continue reading

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ID Theft – 7 Unauthorized Credit Cards Opened In My Name

I recently became one of the 9 million people to become victim to identity theft this year in the United States. Much of what I have learned in the last few weeks I share to spark outrage at what is … Continue reading

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Money Confession – Begging

This is one of the anonymous confessions that I have collected over the past few months that I thought was worth sharing. This is confession number 43 in the series: “I always give what I have to those begging on … Continue reading

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