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How to Start a Lending Library for Your Organization

Public libraries are great money savers for readers, but what can you do if your reading interests are more specialized than those of the general public? Many community organizations, historical societies, and places of worship offer small libraries of special-interest … Continue reading

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Money Confessions – Caring About Money

All of us have money secrets and it’s not often that we are able to share them. While giving a speech last month, I asked those in the audience to write down a money confession. The following is one that … Continue reading

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Weekend Reading – Money Articles From The Past Week

One Student Does the Incredible: Gets Law Passed for State to Pay Off College Debts: If you are in need of some inspiration that shows that one person really can make a change, take a look at this article on … Continue reading

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17 Ways To Turn Your Trash into Toddler Toys

The old adage says that a toddler (or baby) would rather play with the box a toy comes in than with the toy itself. If the adage is true (which it usually is), why not save some money and give … Continue reading

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Money Confession – Co-Workers

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of us have money secrets. I asked for people to write down their money confessions at a speech I gave last month. This confession is one of those I received and is … Continue reading

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How Much Money Would You Require To Become Black?

Here’s a question: How much would it take for you to give up your TV for the rest of your life? A. Nothing B. $10,000 C. $100,000 D. $1,000,00 Here’s another question: How much should you be paid to continue … Continue reading

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Do-It-Yourself (Your Advice)

In the do-it-yourself world, saving money is dependant on if you can actually get the job done without ending up doing more harm than there originally was in the beginning. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and this email … Continue reading

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Money Confession – Parental Lessons

Everyone has one money secret or another. This post is part of a series of money confessions I collected from audience members when I made a speech last month. These are some of the more interesting confessions that I thought … Continue reading

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Bi-weekly Mortgage Calculator

There is often confusion with bi-weekly mortgage plans. Many people hear about them for the first time and assume that all they have to do is pay their mortgage 2 times a month and they will get these incredible savings. … Continue reading

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Money Confession – Dating

Have you ever wondered about other’s money secrets? This is part of a series of money confessions I gathered from audience members I spoke to last month. Everyone has money secrets and I thought it would be interesting to share … Continue reading

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23 Pieces of Advice that College Graduates Don’t Want to Hear

You’ve finally done it — earned that coveted diploma. You’re feeling a bit cocky. Your parents are wondering why they had to pay for your expensive education when you already knew everything. Now it’s time to enter The Real World, … Continue reading

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Credit Card Financial Moves (Your Advice)

When someone has credit card debt and wants to reduce the amount they are paying on interest, there is always the question of what is the best way to reduce that interest payment. A lot depends on the particular circumstances … Continue reading

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Money Confession – Joneses

The following is part of a series of money confessions I gathered from an audience I spoke in front of last month. I found many of their confessions to be quite interesting and decided to share some of them here. … Continue reading

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Why You Should Finance A Car When You Purchase From A Dealership

Something has struck me as very odd over the years. I have mostly lived my life with great disdain for car dealers. As someone who was well taught how to shop for used cars from private parties, I never really … Continue reading

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How Can A Single Person Save Money On Food? (Your Advice)

Sometimes the best ways to save depends on the number of people involved. That is the question that a single reader has about the cost of food: I’m single male and I keep reading that it’s less expensive to cook … Continue reading

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Money Confession – How Rich People Look

I spoke at an event with an audience of about 100 or so people and asked them to anonymously write down a secret money confession. I found what they wrote to be quite interesting and shall share some of the … Continue reading

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