How Gardeners Can Save Gift Money

If you garden, you’ve got a ready supply of gifts right under your nose, it just takes some planning.

plant gift

Here’s a picture of a house plant of mine, just begging to be given a trim. The plant benefits in that it will bush out and become more attractive and I benefit as I will have a whole glass full of cuttings that will root and be ready to pot up.

gift plant

With a few pots and some potting soil, all these little cuttings can become additions to my collection, or be given away when I need a gift. Cute enough on its’ own, or with a little bow stuck in the pot, this is a gift that cost me pennies instead of dollars.

grow your own plant gift

To make the gift more substantial, you could include something for the gardener in a small basket with the new plant — indoor garden tools, plant food or a decorative item to sit in the pot.

These types of gifts do take some planning, as you have to wait for the cuttings to root prior to potting them up. Having a few of these babies sitting in the windowsill, you will always be ready with a gift, saving you both time and money and your recipient will know you put thought into a special gift just for them.

By contrary1, editor of our sister site Frugal Gardening

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6 Responses to How Gardeners Can Save Gift Money

  1. Marissa says:

    you could name the plant and include info on a little card, like:
    Hello, I’m (name) I like lots of sun (or shade, or whatever)….something like that…

  2. contrary1 says:

    Marissa: That would be a great idea. I was using a plant of my moms for the photo and wouldn’t you know it, she had no idea what it was. We contacted the friend who had given her the original cutting and they couldn’t come up with a name either…….So ours would have to go as a generic house plant!

  3. Karen Beland says:

    I was given this same plant as a gift but the person does not know the name of it. Could you let us know what the name of this plant is?

  4. Sonia says:

    My mother had this plant for 40 years and she would give pieces of the plant to friends and family. Unfortunely the plant died and we lost it. I have been trying to find another one. Can anyone tell me the name of this plant.

  5. Mernie says:

    My BFF & I are doing just this! Between us we have 100s of plants we have grown ouselves & are having our very 1st sale @ a sponsored rummage sale this December. My greenhouse is full & her pool room are full from cuttings & rootings we have taken from our own plants & have potted & put in baskets to sell. Wish us luck!! We love gardening.

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