Money Confession – Pennies

I asked a number of people over the last couple of months to anonymously give me their money confession. These are some of the money confessions that I was given wich I felt worthwhile sharing with you. This is confession number 21 in the series:

“I’m a millionaire and I still pick up pennies off the sidewalk.”

Other confession already listed:

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3 Responses to Money Confession – Pennies

  1. dan says:

    Although I’m not quite a millionaire yet, I also still pick up pennies 🙂

  2. N'Awlins Kat says:

    Tee-hee, I do, too! My 9-year-old daughter and I exercise together early in the morning (I say we’re going for a walk; she calls it a three-mile forced march), and finding coins along the way is really the only part of it she looks forward to. She usually scores from 2-6 coins, usually pennies. My husband even suggested “seeding” the route we take with a handful of coins, just because she enjoys looking so much. So far, I’ve resisted temptation.

    I also confess to having glued coins down to the floor way back in the day, just for the fun of watching others try to pick them up.

  3. mary says:

    that attitude is why you are a millionaire.

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