Money Confession – Friendship

This is a series of money confessions that I have anonymously gathered from people. I think that the confessions show that many of the money secrets that we keep go beyond mere finances. This is number 19 in the series:

money & friendship
“Lending money to my friend cost me my closest friendship.”

Other confession already listed:

This confession photo courtesy of emsef

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5 Responses to Money Confession – Friendship

  1. Pinyo says:

    Amen. I never lend my friends money. If they really need it, I give them what I can afford. Otherwise, I usually talk it through with them which usually helps more than lending or giving does.

  2. Joey says:

    I bailed two friends out of jail. One was for $5000 and the other for $15000. They both got arrested within 2 weeks of each other. Both jumped bail. There are two friends I’d known since elementary school.

  3. Pinyo says:

    Wow you are a good friend (or wealthy friend). I hope they paid you back and you guys are still friends.

  4. Joey says:

    Unfortunately I was a good (yet young and stupid) friend. Both friends jumped bail which means I lose the money. I haven’t spoken to either of them since. I’ve learned my lesson.

  5. Pinyo says:

    That’s awful. I am sorry.

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