Weekend Reading – Must Read Personal Finance Articles From The Past Week

Financial wake-up call Money-Back Guarantee on Cancer Treatment: an interesting development in the UK where Johnson & Johnson made a proposal to the Britain’s national health care system where the system will only have to pay for the drug when it actually works and helps reduce the size of the cancer tumors it’s supposed to fight.

The Litter Guy: This guy needed money, but didn’t want to beg. Instead, he decided to begin cleaning up the city where he lived. Kudos to him!

Generation Gap – Nearly all additional wealth created in the USA since 1989 has gone to people 55 and older: the generation wealth gap is widening with the median net worth of people 55 to 64 climbing to $250,000, while it has dropped to about $50,000 for those in their late 30s.

The Greatest Threat To The US Is Not Terror, But Our Fiscal Irresponsibility: That is the message from David Walker, comptroller general of the United States who runs he Government Accountability Office.

Living Free: A blog entry about how a move to Texas with no money on hand turned into a quest of free living – interesting post worth reading.

17 Reasons to Stop Charging People to Ride the Bus: There could be some great benefits for the environment and our pocket books if public transportation stopped charging money to use it.

What’s Up With All Those Tip Jars?: Tip jars seem to be sprouting up in many places…should they really be in many of them?

Stealth Advertising In 90% Of news Broadcasts: Advertising is usually thought of being in the commercials between programming, but it is becoming more common in TV shows. It is also, surprisingly, showing up in news broadcasts: “90 per cent of the 294 network-affiliated stations studied contained at least 1 instance per newscast of stealth advertising.”

New Way To Make Cash Out Of Your Home: An interesting new way to get money out of your home without paying any interest on it:

REX allows homeowners to convert home equity to cash, much like a home-equity loan. But this is no loan; REX charges no monthly payment, nor any interest. Instead, when the home is sold, REX takes a portion of the home’s appreciation.

For a house valued at $500,000, REX might offer a lump sum of $70,000 in exchange for half the home’s change in value. If the house eventually sells for $600,000, REX gets $120,000, the original 70K plus half the price gain. If the home sells for only $400,000, REX shares in the loss, getting just $20,000 back.

Freebies For Test Driving Maseratis (via Alpha Guy): Want some really nice freebies? Get on the list of high end car test drives…

Earning Money For A Good Driving Record – How The French Get Out Of Speeding Tickets: It seems that people in Europe are selling their good driving record to those who speed so those with poor driving records don’t have to lose points on their licenses.

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