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Money Confession – Co-Workers

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of us have money secrets. I asked for people to write down their money confessions at a speech I gave last month. This confession is one of those I received and is part of a series of the most interesting that I decided to share. This is number 8 in the series:

desk drawer
“I know my co-workers’ secrets because I go through their desk drawers when they leave. If the leave candy, stamps or money, I take it as my payment for keeping quiet.”

Other confession already listed:

Photo for this confession by addon

6 thoughts on “Money Confession – Co-Workers

  1. I realize this is a confession, but it’s just wrong. This person seems to building a blackmail list.

  2. That’s really strange. I can’t think of any deep dark secret someone could find out about me by looking in my desk drawer at work.

  3. Alf, they meant that they know their coworkers’ secrets cause they confess during the workday. Then when they leave, he/she goes through their desk to steal their stuff. Right?

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