17 Ways To Turn Your Trash into Toddler Toys

The old adage says that a toddler (or baby) would rather play with the box a toy comes in than with the toy itself. If the adage is true (which it usually is), why not save some money and give your young children what they really want? Make toys from the things you would normally throw away. Of course, some trash items are inappropriate playthings – I don’t suggest using a depleted AA battery as a teether – but many other household trash items can be made into safe and fun toys.

The possibilities for toy-making are vast, and once you start to see the play potential in a few household items, you will probably have some creative ideas of your own. In the meantime, here


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15 Responses to 17 Ways To Turn Your Trash into Toddler Toys

  1. Kevin says:

    Great list. I will try some of them this weekend with my 21month old.

  2. Alycia says:

    As a mother of 4 I can truly say many of these ideas work great. Recently we bought a new refrigerator and my husband duct taped the boxes together to create a small fort for my 3 youngest. They took crayons and markers and colored their own designs all over the inside and outside of the boxes. They enjoyed themselves greatly until the box began falling a part.

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  4. Jeff says:

    dang, already teaching your toddler to rack up a debt? lol

  5. Stephanie says:

    I agree my kids love things like this. Good list.

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  8. Caren says:

    Bought my 20 month old granddaughter a Little Tykes slide. She slid down 5 or 10 times and then went for the box which she and her daddy played with the rest of the afternoon. He bacame the “box monster” and wore it on himself and picked her up and they walked around inside. I could go on…

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  10. As other commenters have said, these are great ideas. Thanks!

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  12. John Svid says:

    Wow great site! Some really helpful information there.

  13. piplaw says:

    Hi, I think you forgot the ultimate trash toy, BUBBLE WRAP!!! You of course need to keep an eye on them when they are playing with it to make sure they don’t try and eat it. To be honest, I love playing with it so if I ever get my hands on any I keep it for myself; I find it strangely relaxing.

  14. Mary Taylor says:

    As an educator I like some of these ideas and urge parents to help children explore and use their imaginations as much as possible. I also believe that those plastic credit card blanks would be better used as bookmarks for the stories that you read with your child, and that you should invest in, or create, some play money so that while playing store they can learn about the value of money.

  15. Du Da says:

    …and if your tooth falls out, you can put it in an empty soda can and make a rattle…

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