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How To Make A Profit On Your Yard Sale

As I price items for our community’s yard sale this weekend, I try not to think of the difference between the original price and the price I’m writing on the sticker. My primary goal with the yard sale is to … Continue reading

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How Do I Save Money On Laundry When I Live In An Apartment? (Your Advice)

Sometimes the advice that is given time and again doesn’t apply to you. This is the case with the current reader who has found a lot of advice on saving money when you own your own washing machine, but who … Continue reading

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Ways NOT To Save The Environment – Financial Astrology – How To Reduce Plastic – Retirement Savings (video)

Ways Not To Save The Environment: Looking for a contrarian view of some of the ways to save energy and the environment, take a trip over to samewriter’s post on ways not to save the environment. Financial Astrologers (via Alpha … Continue reading

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Running Your Budget Like A Business Game

By Wixx, special contributing writer This is a fun little game in which the members of a household role play a little to help them save money. In this game, the family or roommates will play the part of the … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage Increase & Tax Changes

On May 25, President Bush signed a bill that included a minimum wage increase as well as a few tax provisions. Federal Minimum Wage Increased: The federal minimum wage will increase to $7.25/ hour over the next two years. The … Continue reading

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Should We Hire Someone To Put In A Yard? (Your Advice)

Trying to evaluate when it is worthwhile to pay somebody to come in and help or do it yourself is sometimes difficult. The following reader has a question about what is the best option for improving the resale value of … Continue reading

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Edible Flowers – Worst & Best Jobs – Free Gas Promos – Money Minute Video

Edible Flower Guide: If you’re looking to try something really different to add to your next meal or just like experimenting with different types of food, check out this edible flower guide. Find the edible flowers that grow naturally in … Continue reading

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Five Simple Steps To Lose 10 Pounds

While diet may not seem to be relevant to personal finances at first glance, it actually has quite a bit of the impact on your money. The healthier that you feel, the more productive you will be and the less … Continue reading

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What Motivates You To Spend Money?

What motivates you to spend money? Most people never take the time to consider this question, but understanding the reasons why you spend money can go a long way to help you get your finances under control. Here are 15 … Continue reading

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Should We Buy A House Next To A Cemetery? (Your Advice)

When purchasing a house, there are a lot of considerations to take into account before making the purchase. This reader writes wondering if their dream house is ruined by a single (but major) fault. We have been looking for a … Continue reading

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Where To Get 10% Returns – Zecco Review – Credit Card Authorized User Loophole To Disappear – Money Minute Video

Where Can I Invest My Money to Realize at Least a 10% Return?: It’s the million dollar question – literally if you are looking at compounding interest over many years – unfortunately, you won’t like the answer since it isn’t … Continue reading

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How To Get Access To Hundreds Of Magazines At Home For Free

Here is a great money hack that most people are not familiar with. Most libraries offer free, 24/7 at-home access through your computer to money-saving publications like Consumer Reports, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s National Business … Continue reading

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Options When You Don’t Need Your Gift Cards

Before you throw out your unwanted gift cards, keep in mind that there are many ways you can get a little something in return for them. Below are five things that you can do with unused gift cards: Sell on … Continue reading

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BBQ Deals – Coupons Even Men Will Love

By S. Shugars Many people don’t like coupons. I’m one of them. But with BBQ season now upon us, this is the one time of the year that I do use coupons. If you go to the alcohol section of … Continue reading

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Creative Ways To Reduce Child Care Costs

A huge financial challenge which many working couples face is the cost of child care. If the only reason that both parents are working is for the extra money the second income provides, you may want to take some time … Continue reading

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What To Do With Retirement Funds After Retirement? (Your Advice)

When it’s time to leave a job you have more than the loss of income to think about in regard to your personal finances. You also need decide what you will do with the accumulated money in retirement plans at … Continue reading

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Status Calculator – Wines Under $10 – Free Doughnut Today – Money Minute Video

Determine Your Social Economic Status Have you ever wondered what your social economic status is: lower, middle or upper class (or simple wanted to confirm what you believe?) The New York Times has a calculator that takes four important points … Continue reading

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