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Organic Food Costs – Computer Electricity Waste – Free College Classes – Money Minute Video

Oxygen Trick Could See Organic Costs Tumble: Good news for those who purchase organic, but cringe every time they see the cost of doing so. A new way of preparing organic foods for storage that doesn’t use chemicals may allow … Continue reading

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Why It’s Worth Paying More For A Bed & Breakfast

I recently stayed in a bed and breakfast for the first time. I was a little worried about the experience ahead of time because of all the negative stereotypes about bed and breakfasts I had heard in the past such … Continue reading

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A Pocket Full of Quarters: Using Coin Operated Machines in Moderation

“I got a pocket full of quarters, and I’m headed to the arcade,” sang Buckner & Garcia in the song “Pac-Man Fever.” Though I grew up when kids across the country were coming down with Pac-Man Fever, I was rarely … Continue reading

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A Simple Way To Budget? (Your Advice)

Many times it helps to hear how other people do the things and to use their examples to best fit your needs. That is such a question that came by e-mail the other day regarding how to budget: I know … Continue reading

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Is Recycling Worth It? – Easy Energy Savings Laziness – Myths About Gas – Money Minute Video

Is Recycling Worth It?: An interesting study about whether recycling was good for the environment with an overwhelming nod in favor toward recycling most things: Studies that look at the entire life cycle of a particular material can shed light … Continue reading

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Why You’re Likely To Be In A Higher Tax Bracket When You Retire

Something has been bugging me about IRAs lately. Most of the time I read an article or discussion about Traditional IRAs, as opposed to ROTH IRAs, I see that it is a pretty common assumption that income tax rates will … Continue reading

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Ten Pros of Working for a Small Business

When you talk with most people, they seem to want to work for a large company and often overlook the possibility of working as part of a small business. Working for a small business can be substantially different from working … Continue reading

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How To Stay Cool Without Spending A Lot Of Money (Your Advice)

It’s that time of year again when the weather starts to get to a hotter and you need to find ways to stay cool. Here’s a question from a reader that is looking for inexpensive ways to beat the summer … Continue reading

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Home Selling Through Website – Magazine Cover Investing – Giving Money – Global Warming Economics Video

“For sale by owner” web sites can generate higher prices than Realtors: Here’s an interesting article where a small test showed that those who made their own website and sold their house on their own got a better price for … Continue reading

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How To Save On Airline Tickets

If you are looking to get the best price on airline tickets, it takes more than going to an online comparison site. One area that can help bring down the price you pay is the flexibility you have when making … Continue reading

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How Increased Income Has Changed My Spending Habits

I’m always proud to tell people that my total monthly expenses today are pretty close to what they were when I got my first real job after college. Some things, like my rent, have gone down, while other things, like … Continue reading

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Save a Bundle by Using Cloth Diapers

By Shannon Christman A toddler has control of nearly $1,500 of our household budget this year. Yes, you read that right: how our family will spend more than a thousand dollars depends on the whims of a child who throws … Continue reading

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What If Someone Won’t Spend Money? (Your Advice)

It’s not often when I receive an e-mail about personal finance that is quite different from the majority that I have received before. That was the case with this e-mail which came in from a reader about what she should … Continue reading

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Buying Someone Out – Wedding Planner Secrets – Payday Loans Are OK – Money Minute Video

Eight Things to Consider When Buying Someone Out: If you’re into yard sales and you have considered buying someone out of an entire collection or group of items instead of paying for things individually, Mighty Bargain Hunter has a list … Continue reading

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Why The Poor Are Crazy To Save Money

Here’s a question. You don’t have a whole lot of money and I want you to save more. So I create a plan where for every dollar you save, I will take away $2.60 worth of benefits from you. How … Continue reading

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Rules You May Not Know About When You Use Your Home As An ATM

The state of California recently reviewed a sample of state tax returns which claimed large mortgage interest deductions and found that 75% of the tax returns had claimed excessive interest deductions. There are rules that limit how much interest you … Continue reading

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New Nigerian Scam: Pets, Free to Good Home

Have you seen the Tractor Supply Company commercial about the free puppy? A man says “My neighbor gave my daughter a puppy,” and then describes how they’re now buying toys, food, dishes, etc. The actor smiles and says “It’s like … Continue reading

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What To Do With A Cheap Co-Worker? (Your Advice)

Sometimes we are forced to deal with people who have money habits that can be extremely annoying to us. This is the case with the following reader who is having trouble with one of her coworkers: I have a problem … Continue reading

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Consumers Think Familiarity = Superiority – Vacation Days – Pick Your Own Produce – Money Minute Video

Product Loyalty: Consumers Mistake Familiarity With Superiority: While this article is about consume electronics, I believe that it it illustrates what happens in almost every product we buy. Well worth the read. Americans Don’t Use Their Vacation Days: Americans aren’t … Continue reading

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How To Get Free & Discounted Movie Tickets

There is no need to spend a fortune to movie theaters since there are a number of easy ways to get movie tickets at a discount (and sometime for free). The main thing you need to do is always read … Continue reading

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