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Advantages Of Using A Temp Agency To Find A Job

Many people don’t use temp agencies because they either don’t know what temp agencies are or think they should be able to find a job on their own. In my experience, temp agencies are a great resource for simplifying your … Continue reading

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Essential Financial Books (Your Advice)

When it comes to personal finances, one of the first steps is to get basic knowledge on the subject. Many people do this through books, but when you are just beginning, knowing which books to read may not be obvious. … Continue reading

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Summer & Kids – Places To Find Free Activities

Summer is a time when kids have a lot of free time and trying to figure out how to keep them entertained can be a challenge. One thing that causes parental frustration is paying a high admission price to a … Continue reading

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The Stand-Up Meeting – The Best Meeting You’ll Ever Attend

One of the best bosses that I ever had hated the time that meetings wasted with a passion. He felt that they made his employees less productive because instead of working on the things they needed to get done, they … Continue reading

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Should I Buy A House Or Rent? (Your Advice)

There is rarely a single answer in personal finances that fits for everyone. Due to this, issues that you always assumed were easy to answer may be more difficult that your thought. That is a question I received from a … Continue reading

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Business Class Lite – What Would Jesus Buy? – $4 A Gallon…Milk

Business Class Lite: On the long haul flights from the US to Europe, your choice was to pay a small fortune for business class, or be stuck in cramped quarters for the entire trip in economy. That is beginning to … Continue reading

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Do You Have To Be Obnoxious To Be Rich? (Your Advice)

This certainly isn’t the normal question I receive, but one that probably more than a few people have thought about at least one time in their life. What does it take to create wealth and do you have to have … Continue reading

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eBay Buyers Behave Irrationally – Poor To Get Paid For Good Behavior – Home Price Performance Graphs

Auctions Lead People To Do Weird Things: “Modern economists have assumed that people in auctions behave rationally. Then came eBay.” Having made my living selling on eBay for a few years, I can certainly attest to the fact that some … Continue reading

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Are You Financially Compatible? Questions to Ask Before the Wedding

June is traditionally wedding season, and many couples tying the knot this month have spent years getting to know each other and months planning the wedding, but only hours (or minutes) discussing their financial compatibility. With many divorces happening because … Continue reading

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10 Reasons To Hate Finances

Math Like many people, for some unknown reason I grew up with fear and loathing of mathematics. It was always my worse subject in school. Just mention words like “hypotenuse” and “calculus” and my eyes still glaze over. So it’s … Continue reading

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Mutual Funds Or Bank? (Your Advice)

When it comes to where to invest your money, a lot of people get overwhelmed with all the options that are available. A lot depends on your individual circumstances and what the money is to be used for in the … Continue reading

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Shopping In The Future – $30,000 Or A Wedding – How To Be Cheap – QueerCents

Scan Items As Your Shop: Want a look at the shopping experience of the future? You’ll have a self scanner which you can use to scan each item as you take it off the shelf while you shop and bag … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

To my dad, thanks for everything. I love you tons. And for all fathers out there everywhere, this song is for you:

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The Hidden Costs and Benefits of Free-After-Rebate Offers

By Shannon Christman Are free-after-rebate offers really free? Sometimes. In fact, sometimes you – the consumer – can actually make a little money on the deal. “What Does That Free Item Really Cost Me? Free-after-rebate refunds generally come in two … Continue reading

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Simple Ways To Save On Books

If you enjoy reading, you know that it can get quite expensive to purchase books for everything you want to read. It doesn’t have to be that way – here are some ways you can save on books while still … Continue reading

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How Do I Deal With My Parents Junk? (Your Advice)

Junk. We all accumulate more of it than we probably need to, but what if it is someone else’s junk that is causing a problem? That is the question that this reader sent in hoping for some advice: I visit … Continue reading

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What Do Fathers Want? (Your Advice)

There is nothing worse than having a holiday deadline coming up and not knowing what to get for it. That is the question this young woman has about Father’s Day: I have a question that I hope you can help … Continue reading

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Hidden Cost Of Hotels – Japan vs US Savings Rates – How To Deal With Car Salesmen – Money Minute Video

Avoiding Hidden Costs with Hotel Rooms: There are a lot of hidden costs when you check into a hotel room. By far my biggest pet peeve is when they charge for computer wifi connection – mainly because it’s the “nicer” … Continue reading

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Ten Cons of Working for a Small Business

One of the biggest financial decisions that we make in life is the decision of where we want to work. There are both pros and cons to working for a big business and working for a small business. While I’ve … Continue reading

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Buying Appropriate Gifts (Your Advice)

How to choose gifts that are appropriate without spending a small fortune for events that we attend is often hard to decipher. The following reader is looking for help on how to choose these gifts: Lately I have had quite … Continue reading

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