12 Tips for Getting the Best Price at Best Buy

A good friend of mine who is an avid DVD collector and very regular customer of Best Buy shared these tips for making sure you get the best deal on all of your Best Buy purchases. Even if you aren’t a Best Buy customer, these tips will give you some ideas for how to get the best possible deals at any of your favorite stores.

1. Watch the register ring up your sale items to be sure that they ring up at the sale price, because they often don’t. If you’re not paying attention, you might end up overpaying.

2. Sign up for RewardZone and use the card not just for your purchases, but for the purchases of anyone else who is with you as well (who doesn’t have their own Rewa


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8 Responses to 12 Tips for Getting the Best Price at Best Buy

  1. poundwise says:

    One tip for getting the best price… Don’t shop at Best Buy.

  2. Jen says:

    I don’t follow the logic behind #6. Why go through the trouble of visiting Best Buy, hiding an item, then going back just so you can get a price match from another retailer. Why not just buy from that other retailer and save yourself some time?

  3. Brad says:

    poundwise . . . ding ding ding. We have a winner.

    Best Buy has lousy customer service, long waits to check out, sales staff that know little about what they are pushing, and worst of all, terrible prices. From small-ticket to big-ticket items, you cost yourself money pretty much every time you shop there.

  4. Jason says:

    In re #1 & #3: At least BB has eliminated the horrible mail-in rebates on computer purchases. Now, if only Circuit City would also do this, consumers would have some real options…

  5. Becky Ford says:

    According to the Ebates website, “In-Store Pickup: purchases made online but picked up at the merchant store do not qualify to earn Cash Back.” This is located in the full FAQ, at this link: http://www.ebates.com/help/more_faqs.htm

    Also, Jellyfish.com pays more than twice the cashback rebate of Ebates: 2.2%. I’m sure their terms also exclude purchases picked up in-store.

    Otherwise, interesting article full of great advice — thanks!

  6. lib4 says:

    I have had pretty good luck with BB by being persistent and annoyed when I return something that is not within their protocol.

    I have returned an opened digital camera and exchanged it for the same model. I returned it because my fiance broke the memory card door the day she gave it to me as a gift. The following day the same camera went on sale for $30 less than she paid i took the broken camera and the SEALED manuals and documetation (the onloy thing open in the box was the camera itself) and told them that the camera was shipped with the broken door. The not only took the camera back but they gave me it for $30 less NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!!

    2. I returned an UNOPENED Western Digital 250 GB external hardrive 7 months after I got it for Xmas. My fiance got the hard drive for $99 in at a Balck Friday sale…I unintentionally waited until this past May and by then the 500 GB hard drive was down to $129. I went into the store with NO RECIEPT told them my fiance bought the hard drive two weeks ago. Explained to them that I wanted to exchange for the 500 GB…the return person searched BB entire computer system for the purchase (I told them it was a cash purchase…so they couldnt track down the credit card transaction) the girl searched EVERY SINGLE transaction for the 500 GB hard drive that the store had in the last month and after 10-15 minutes of looking I started getting annoyed and she gave up. She exchanged the hard drives and I ended up paying $30 for an additional 250GB of hard drive. (Actually I had a $25 gift card…so I actually walked out with a 500Gb hard drive for $5….f’in sweeeeeeeet)

    These two positive experiences make up for the at least half dozen horrible return experiences I have had there….It takes practice and you have to find the right store but you should be able to conquer the beast that is Best Buy

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  8. Angie says:

    lib4, you should be ashamed of yourself. you’re nothing more than a pathetic conman.

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