How Hong Kong’s Handover To China Affected My Finances

hong-kongBy Robert I. Craig, Guest Writer

The closest connection I have to China is a Hawaiian-print shirt made there that I bought at Wal-Mart. But an article I read about China recently sent a shiver–literally–up my back.

It brought to mind a tough lesson my family and I learned when we got hit, years earlier, by an unexpected “storm.” When the wind settled down my wife and I realized that, though we can’t live by bread alone, saving and financial planning can provide a lot more than just food for thought. They can supply the difference between prosperity and ruin.

As for the story that gave me shivers, it described in detail an election that was held earlier this ye


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4 Responses to How Hong Kong’s Handover To China Affected My Finances

  1. Kevin says:

    Please get your fact straight. With the token election they have people of Hong Kong enjoyed more democratic freedom today than they ever had under 150 year of British rule. Every HK governor was appointed by London and despite 99% of the population was Chinese, no Chinese ever held the job. Hong Kong people had no say whatsoever before 1997.
    Even Chris Patton, the last governor, who lobbied China hard for democracy after the turnover, never thought to step down and hold an election for his coushy job before he sailed into the sunset with his boss on the royal yacht. If he had put together a democratic election system while he still could, perhaps Beijin wouldn’t be able to dismantle it.

  2. Sun says:

    How is your wife being fired has anything to do with China took back Hong Kong? Please stop making the irrelevant connection. If you really want to help your family, GET A JOB!

    “The closest connection I have to China is a Hawaiian-print shirt made there that I bought at Wal-Mart.” Oh really? Then how many parts of the computer you are using to write this are made in China? Please!

  3. keith swaim says:

    Thanks for the firsthand account of how the global economy now affects us all one way or another. Obviously the story illustrates the more extreme affects of how events anywhere on the globe can now devastate families even here in the relatively safe and stable US. Additionally, I can appreciate the resourceful way the writer and his family attacked their problem. Great story and useful ideas; not to mention some good common sense in “cutting the fat

  4. Susan says:

    In response to “Sun”, getting a job would have been the coward’s way out. Studies show that girl’s whose fathers are involved in their lives have a 42% reduced risk of drug and 27% reduced risk of alcohol use, and are 52% less likely to skip school. They also show higher levels of sociability and academic performance. So what if they had to tighten their belt a bit and spend a bit less wrecklessly. Mr. Craig’s girls got to keep their father highly involved in their lives, and that will benefit them more than the $800 per month that they save now!

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