83 Things You Can Do With a Penny

what you can do with pennies

Many people assume that the penny is no longer good for anything, but not according to members from the forums – there are still a lot of things that you can do with a penny. Here are 83 of them (Disclaimer: Some of these activities involve defacing pennies which may be illegal):

1. Clean dirty pennies instantly by dropping them into a saucer of vinegar with table salt stirred in.

2. Use for leverage to pry off the lid from a difficult “line-up-the-arrows” childproof medication bottle.

3. Slip one under a vase that sits a little wobbly to steady it.

4. Tape one to the tail of your kite for a little more stabilizing weight.

5. Teach your toddler to count with them.



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66 Responses to 83 Things You Can Do With a Penny

  1. Kristi says:

    Cean them. Place in a design on a tabletop and put an epoxy over them. looks relly cool

  2. Karen says:

    Put them on train tracks for flattened pennies. The real thing, not the flattening pennies machine.

  3. Qman says:

    great thnx

  4. Normic.V says:

    Throw one into a halfpipe then wath the skate boarders fall over.
    Send one into space mayby on a baloon or something.
    Put some in the wall of your house for future residents to find.
    Trade a cashier for the oldest one he has then keep it.
    Find a retarded kid then tell him its money and throw it off a bridge. he`ll jump for it.

  5. Connie says:

    The silver one is actually a steel penny. They were minted in 1942 when they needed the copper for the war. There are only seven or eight copper pennies from 1942 out there and they are worth an astromonical amount.

  6. Jenn says:

    Because you’re a jerk?

    Say, did you know that you could use pennies to replace a fuse? You should totally try that.

  7. Cameron says:

    Penny hockey

  8. Hacker FU. says:

    Love the idea.I tryed it.HIS PARENTS WERE SO MAD!

  9. Jimmie Loocke says:

    A friend of mine was selling his truck to me . I said how much do you want for it ? He said a Pretty Penny. He said reach in your pocket and show me the Pennies you have. He picked one out and said now that is a Pretty Penny. He sold it to me for the Pretty Penny.

  10. David says:

    there are PENNY SLOTS everywhere

  11. David says:

    that’s why it’s lined out on the list

  12. David says:

    IT is LINED OUT people! It’s for a reason. People, get with it.

  13. milly says:

    drop a handful og pennys in a glass filled with water and enjoy a spalsh in the face

  14. ja says:

    lolol…Thanks, u just made my night:)

  15. Huh says:

    It is obvious that it wasn’t struck out in 2007. Why are you arguing after 7 years anyway?

  16. John Nall says:

    Glue a penny to glass with Weld Bond cement and let others try to remove it.

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