The Stand-Up Meeting – The Best Meeting You’ll Ever Attend

One of the best bosses that I ever had hated the time that meetings wasted with a passion. He felt that they made his employees less productive because instead of working on the things they needed to get done, they were all sitting around a table. A good majority of the time was wasted on stuff that wasn’t pertinent to the issue the meeting was about. If you have ever worked somewhere where there were a lot of meetings, you know what I’m talking about.

That being said, he also realized that meetings did have an important function of passing along needed information to everyone, to have discussions and to get input that wasn’t always conductive using other forms of communica


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6 Responses to The Stand-Up Meeting – The Best Meeting You’ll Ever Attend

  1. vsjhoc says:

    Great tips. I attended a meeting recently where I wasn’t told in advance that I was on the agenda. I had to think on my feet pretty quickly. That bullet point summary would have been handy — I like being better prepared!

  2. Jen says:

    I am a meeting planner by trade and one thing I’d like to add to your list (which is excellent, by the way) is to make sure everyone you invite to the meeting is a necessary part of the discussion. For instance, are you inviting Jeff from Accounting just because he needs the info that will come out of the meeting? Could you instead include him in the post-meeting email or memo? Cutting down on the number of participants not only makes better use of their time, but also gives your meeting less of an opportunity for outsider input or extra off-subject dialogue.

  3. Prasanth says:

    We have a daily project meeting at my work place – this is a standup meeting – we call it a “scrum”. Each person gets a minute or so to detail what the person has completed the previous day and what is scheduled for the day. The meeting is scheduled to last 15 minutes or less. We found that this is a great way to communicate within the team and does not take much of our time.

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  5. Sam says:

    One of the things I hated most after I left my old company was the weekly meeting. 70% wasted on small talks and I had to stay late finishing my job while my old boss left work ontime. She was very good at delegating. My current boss with this new co. rarely have meeting unless there is something important to talk about. What a relief.

  6. Revino says:

    Hi Jeffrey.

    Thanks for this nice article. We figured out that standup meetings are great but needed improvement (they took a lot of time, de-focussed our colleagues and interrupted their workflows). Because of this we developed a SaaS tool to ╩║automate╩║ the daily standupmeetings – with just a single email.


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