Summer & Kids – Places To Find Free Activities

Summer is a time when kids have a lot of free time and trying to figure out how to keep them entertained can be a challenge. One thing that causes parental frustration is paying a high admission price to a park or event only to have the child complain the whole time. Or discover a sudden interest in something he could see for free, like ducks (just like those in a neighbor’s pond) when you’re on a trip to the zoo. As an alternative, parents can save both their money and their sanity by taking advantage of many free events and outings offered for kids. These fun and educational “field trips” can be found in a lot of unexpected places. Here are several places to start


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  1. Billy says:

    Two of the resources provided on this list is very much under valued. Even as an adult, I still remember some of the fun times I had as a kid at craft stores, and school trips to local factories. It’s that joy of the first exposure that leaves a lasting impression on young minds. Although, at the time it wasn’t great, but the memories are always good.

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