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Simple Ways To Save On Books

libraryIf you enjoy reading, you know that it can get quite expensive to purchase books for everything you want to read. It doesn’t have to be that way – here are some ways you can save on books while still reading everything you want:

Test Read: Just as you test drive car, test drive your books. Your local library offers you the opportunity to test read books before you purchase them. If you know you’ll read the book again and again, you can go out and get it, but if you know you won’t pick it up again, then you saved yourself the price of the book.

Read Online: The Project Gutenberg offers thousands of public domain books and you can read all the books that have been scanned by Google Books for no cost. LibriVox offers free audio book downloads.

Become A Book Reviewer: Offer to write a for free book review column for your local paper and if they accept, you can request review copies of books which will be sent to you for free. If you write a blog that becomes somewhat popular on a particular subject, you can also get review copies that way. For writing your impressions, you get free reading material on a subject you like.

Read What You Already Have: I bet you have plenty of books on your bookshelf that you have never cracked open for one reason or another. Why spend money on new books when you likely have plenty of new reading material already at home?

Share: Trade, lend and borrow with family, friends, co-workers or social networks.

Trade: Swap the current books you have with others that you want: Bookins, Book Mooch, Paperback Swap and Title Trader all offer this service.

Second Hand: Frequent garage sales, flea markets, library book sales and charity resale stores such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army to get books for pennies on the dollar.

Used Book Stores: If you have a quality used bookstore nearby, it can be a goldmine of good reading on the cheap.

Rent Books: Book Swim lets you rent books on a monthly basis much like a NetFlix. Prices are a bit high ($23.95 – $26.95) so you would have to read a lot and love the latest books, but it might be worthwhile for some.

Books Online: Online bookstores such as Abe Books and Amazon many times offer books for a cheaper price than you can find at a brick and mortar bookstore. eBay and Half.com are other online places to find books at discount prices (especially if they are used).

Comparison Robots: Use book aggregators to find the best prices online: Books Price, Compare Book, Campus I and Add All are some of the aggregators that you can use.

Buy What You Need: Never buy what you don’t need. Books can often be impulse purchases so take a moment to think whether or not you really need a book before purchasing. Chances are you don’t and that can save you a lot of money.

2 thoughts on “Simple Ways To Save On Books

  1. I buy books all the time on half.com, and then when i finished reading them I sell them back, most of the time for the same or more than I originally paid!

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