20 Firefox Extensions That Will Save You Money

Immerse yourself in Firefox goodness while indulging your inner frugal fantasies. Here are 20 extensions that are sure to help you save some cash.

Cell Phone Minute Minders

1. Cingular Minutes Minder: Currently being reworked what with the Cingular/ATT merger mess. Keep checking the site for updates, though: there’s a lot of interest in this one!

2. Verizon Minutes Used: (newer version) Logs into your wireless accounts to keep you updated on your latest usage data.

3. TMobile Minutes Used: From the same creator as the Verizon Minutes Used extension.

Sprint Minutes Used: Keeps you up to date on your latest Sprint usage data (thanks David)

Grocery List Generator

4. Grocery List Gener


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27 Responses to 20 Firefox Extensions That Will Save You Money

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  2. Amy F. says:

    You could also argue that Adblock Plus saves you money by reducing the amount of advertising you see. That’s one of my favorite extensions. It cleans up the visual clutter on many sites and helps pages load faster.

  3. Joey says:

    Tmobile link goes to Verizon link

  4. Tina Parcell says:

    Thanks for the catch, Joey! These two extensions are written by the same author and the pages look exactly the same, so I think I included the wrong link when I was updating the Tmobile part of the post.

    The correct Tmobile link is:

  5. FrugalWorld says:

    Wow, these are fantastic, thanks! I finally gave in and started using Firefox as my full-time browser a couple of weeks ago. My fingers still long for Netcaptor on occasion, but with extensions like these, they’ll live. :-)

    Off to try the Grocery List Generator…

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  7. Matt Ellsworth says:

    Great post – thanks for these. I had never seen the verizon one or the cingular ones – those are great.

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  12. Dan says:

    You probably should link to the main Verizon minutes blogspot link since there have been several releases of the Verizon minutes program (it is now at 0.99, the version you posted is 0.84 and is about a year old)

  13. Tina Parcell says:


    I’m thinking there was a reason I linked to the older version rather than the newer version, but I don’t have my notes at hand and therefore can’t say for sure.

    So, just in case, here’s the link to the main Verizon Extension blogspot page (also available from the page linked to in the article).


    Thanks for the catch!

  14. Ed says:

    Great information. Thanks for sharing.

  15. these are excellent, every single one is great but i especially like #19 and #20. You really aren’t aware that your spending so much time looking around until its tracked for you, thanks for the post.

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  17. jojo says:

    These sites somewhat cool…but not to useful…

  18. Bashar says:

    This is really great. What would be greater is sharing the grocery list. As my wife writes down what is needed at home, I expect to get the list before I leave work and head to grocery store.

    Thanks for the effort.

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  25. tb says:

    Great list, Firefox is amazing! Another great cash saver is “Price It”, finds the best deal quickly with a non-obtrusive toolbar!

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