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Is Recycling Worth It?: An interesting study about whether recycling was good for the environment with an overwhelming nod in favor toward recycling most things:

Studies that look at the entire life cycle of a particular material can shed light on this question in a particular case, but WRAP decided to take a broader look. It asked the Technical University of Denmark and the Danish Topic Centre on Waste to conduct a review of 55 life-cycle analyses, all of which were selected because of their rigorous methodology. The researchers then looked at more than 200 scenarios, comparing the impact of recycling with that of burying or burning particular types of waste material. They found that in 83% of all scenarios that included recycling, it was indeed better for the environment.

People Can’t Be Bothered to Make Easy Energy Savings: When a study was done on the most efficient ways to cut carbon emissions, the conclusion was that our current methods are a “testament to economic irrationality.”

Economists trying to explain this apparent irrationality suggest that the savings are too small and the effort involved in change too large. People find their electricity bills too boring to think about; within companies, those responsible for keeping bills down may not have the authority to spend the necessary capital. Another explanation is the agency problem: that the developer who would have to pay higher capital costs up front will not be forking out for the electricity bills. Besides, people buy houses not because they have good insulation but because they have pretty views.

I encourage you not to be one of those who feels as described above. One of the wonderful things about learning to save money is that often times it also helps the environment and that’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Myths About Gas Prices Mask Real Problems: This is a well put together article about common myths and gasoline prices. Well worth the read and you may be surprised at what you learn.

And for those that need more reading material:

Carnival of the Capitalists

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