Ten Pros of Working for a Small Business

owning a small business
When you talk with most people, they seem to want to work for a large company and often overlook the possibility of working as part of a small business. Working for a small business can be substantially different from working from a medium sized or large business in ways that many people don’t realize. There are a large number of positive aspects to working in a small business that many people may not realize. Personally, I have worked for several small businesses and think it’s an interesting and highly beneficial experience that everyone should have at least once. Here are a number of reason that I believe this.

Ability to learn about all parts of the business operation

In a l


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7 Responses to Ten Pros of Working for a Small Business

  1. scfr says:

    Very true … Speaking from experience, I never would have been able to help DH get his business off the ground the way I did if I hadn’t worked for a small office where I wore many hats and learned about all aspects of running a business.

  2. Karen says:

    I currently work for a small business (myself and 2 lawyers) I am the secretary, HR, paralegal, Payroll, accounting, etc. They do the legal work and I do the rest! Works great and they are happy! I know when they retire I will never find a job like this. If kids are sick I take off, school out but kids fine bring them to work, snowing out and scared to drive on ice no problem boss will come and get me. Love this job just wish they were younger so I could work here longer but they are 65 and 70 years old. I am only 31 eventually I will need to find another job and I know it will never be this tgood again!

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  4. Jason says:

    “2. Ability to learn directly from the CEO”

    The downside of this is that a scumbag CEO can make everything miserable, and you can’t escape him/her because s/he is “the boss”. Been there, done that…

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  7. Unappreciatable says:

    Thanks for the info. Def. changing – Unappreciatable

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