How To Save On Airline Tickets

If you are looking to get the best price on airline tickets, it takes more than going to an online comparison site. One area that can help bring down the price you pay is the flexibility you have when making the reservations. Here are some things to consider when trying to get the best deal on an airline ticket.

Departure times: Choosing an early morning or late at night “red eye” can decrease the cost of your ticket.

Departure Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are usually the cheapest days to fly and many comparison sites will let you factor in a few day window into the search. Just be sure to remember a better deal on the flight isn’t saving you money if you have


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5 Responses to How To Save On Airline Tickets

  1. Another great flight pricing aggregator is the Yahoo! farechase engine.

  2. Amy F. says:

    My favorite aggregator is Sidestep.

  3. Anton says:

    I also believe that one has to compare the aggregators to get the best ticket. Usually different aggregators query different agents for ticket prices and therefore prices might fluctuate a lot. You can few services that let you compare aggregators.

  4. Copa says:

    Talk to your local travel agent. Tell the travel agent your destination and travel dates and whether you can be flexible. The agent can give you pricing on selected times and airlines. Contact a consolidator that offer lower airfare pricing online. And Look for published prices. A published price is one that is offered by the airlines. This is one of the most common ways that people compare airfare pricing.

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