How Increased Income Has Changed My Spending Habits

spending habits

I’m always proud to tell people that my total monthly expenses today are pretty close to what they were when I got my first real job after college. Some things, like my rent, have gone down, while other things, like my discretionary spending, have gone up. All of this has me convinced that I could take a drastic pay cut without suffering any loss in quality of life, but I’m not sure that’s really true. They say that as income rises, spending rises to match it, after all. Though I track all of my expenses diligently with a budget and can prove on paper that I can get by on less, there’s more to consider: the way I think about money has changed. I thought I would


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  1. Frugal Momma says:

    Amy great post.I agree with you on a lot of issues. In 2002 I made the leap from a working mom to a sahm our income was cut in 1/2. I am still at home however we are close to making what we did back in 2001 again. Am I still very frugal, I try to be but knowing I have the extra money I don’t need to cut corners as much. Back then being frugal was more of a need, now it is more of a choice.

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