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Ways NOT To Save The Environment – Financial Astrology – How To Reduce Plastic – Retirement Savings (video)

Financial wake-up call Ways Not To Save The Environment: Looking for a contrarian view of some of the ways to save energy and the environment, take a trip over to samewriter’s post on ways not to save the environment.

Financial Astrologers (via Alpha Guy): The person claims that many fund managers use astrology to make their stock picks and that the group as a whole outperforms other ways of picking stocks:

Ask fund managers how they reach their investment decisions and they will probably reel off a list of complex research tools, technical analyses and scientific formula.

Henry Weingarten, a US fund manager, also looks to the stars. Weingarten is a financial astrologer who uses planetary movements to predict the performance of currencies, indices and other assets such as commodities…

It may sound mildly eccentric to many financial professionals, but Weingarten says that financial astrologers look at how the planets were aligned during past market cycles so they can pick up any correlations with current and future cycles.

Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic: Not all of these will save you money, but even when there is a small price involved, the betterment for the environment is likely worth it.

How Much Do You Need To Save For Retirement?

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