Edible Flowers – Worst & Best Jobs – Free Gas Promos – Money Minute Video

Financial wake-up callEdible Flower Guide: If you’re looking to try something really different to add to your next meal or just like experimenting with different types of food, check out this edible flower guide. Find the edible flowers that grow naturally in your area and add to your food supply for free.

What are the best and worst paying jobs in the US? Forbes lists the Best 25 Paying Jobs and the Worst Paying Jobs in slide show format.

12,000 Gallons of Gas for Free: While gas prices continue to climb, a hidden benefit is that a lot of companies are offering free gas promotions to attract people who might otherwise stay at home. Then again, it’s probably more financially wise to stay at home…

And for those who need a bit more reading:

Festival of Frugality

Money Minute Video

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