Where To Get 10% Returns – Zecco Review – Credit Card Authorized User Loophole To Disappear – Money Minute Video

Financial wake-up call Where Can I Invest My Money to Realize at Least a 10% Return?: It’s the million dollar question – literally if you are looking at compounding interest over many years – unfortunately, you won’t like the answer since it isn’t an easy follow step 1, 2 and 3. But it is very true and why much of my investments are in Japanese antiques. It’s an area I know well and where returns are much better (and safer in my opinion) than most other investments.

First Trading Experience with Zecco: Zecco is a firm that offers commission free stock trading and The Sun Financial Diary wrote about his impressions trading with them and where this free service is lacking.

‘Piggybacking’ Roils Credit Industry: We wrote about this a few days ago in a post called Your Credit History Could Be Worth Thousands. It appears that authorized users are going to be a thing of the past. From the article: “Fair Isaac Corp., the developer of the widely used FICO score, said it will change its credit scoring system beginning later this year in a way it contends will end this little-known but potentially high-impact mortgage loan loophole.”

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    Money Minute Video:

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    5 Responses to Where To Get 10% Returns – Zecco Review – Credit Card Authorized User Loophole To Disappear – Money Minute Video

    1. Sun says:

      Thanks for the mention. Appreciated it!

    2. vsjhoc says:

      AUs to disappear from FICO scoring — you heard it here first! See comment # 7 on the link.

    3. TJP says:

      Thanks for the link to the Zecco Review. Like most brokers, Zecco isn’t perfect, but it’s very cheap and useful. I like to use Fidelity to conduct most of my stock/fund research, in combination with Yahoo! Finance and Google Finance.

      It’s really weird to forget about commissions, and focus on buying at the optimal stock price. I’m sure others feel the same way about disregarding the conventional commission fees.

    4. Tyroinvestor says:

      I personally like to use Ameritrade and Firstrade to conduct research and Zecco to buy. I also find Zecco fits perfectly into my indexing ETF strategy. Since you can easily rebalance your portfolio without any commissions.

    5. TJP says:

      Another thing about Zecco: Their management team sends out a frequent newsletter that informs customers on monthly updates. I think Zecco realizes the power on e-mail marketing, and tries to make up for their lack of phone customer service using e-mail. It’s a much cheaper business model, allowing Zecco to reinvest more money in acquiring customers to build their brokerage business.

      Nonetheless, After reading a bunch of zecco reviews, I signed up for an account to give them a shot. So far, so good!

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