What Motivates You To Spend Money?

shopping mallWhat motivates you to spend money? Most people never take the time to consider this question, but understanding the reasons why you spend money can go a long way to help you get your finances under control. Here are 15 common reasons people use as an excuse to spend money:

You Think It’ll Buy Your Happiness: Many people believe that by buying products and services, they will make their life happier. It’s an easy trap to fall into since this is exactly what commercials want you to think. Unfortunately, spending money does not usually bring happiness except possibly for a short period of time which means that you have to go and spend even more money to in an attempt to get the


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2 Responses to What Motivates You To Spend Money?

  1. Gennady says:

    It’s 100% lively true !!!

  2. Muhatma Ghandi says:

    If you work for the money you earn, then you are not lazy. Just because your not a coupon clipping freak dosnt mean that your lazy, it means that you dont really care or want to waste all the time doing something you dont need to do.

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