Five Simple Steps To Lose 10 Pounds

While diet may not seem to be relevant to personal finances at first glance, it actually has quite a bit of the impact on your money. The healthier that you feel, the more productive you will be and the less health issues that you will have.

When it comes to diet, I find that most of the writing doesn’t apply to me. I’m not in need of losing a lot of weight, but I notice that I had gained about 10 pounds that I wanted to get rid of. The main problem is that if I have to substitute the foods that I’m eating or spend a set amount of time exercising, the diet isn’t going to work. I like the food I eat and for the most part, I eat healthily. That’s not to say that I don’t partake in desert and other snacks now and then, but most of the meals that I eat are fairly well balanced. I also am not lazy and do get in some exercise each day – I just needed to find a way to get in a bit more.

So I needed to figure out a way to lose 10 pounds without making major lifestyle changes. The weight had come on over a period of months, so I knew that I wasn’t in need of major changes. I needed to change just enough to tip the balance from gaining a bit to losing a bit. I decided upfront that I didn’t need to lose the pounds in a short period of time, but was willing to lose them slowly.

I’ve been using my plan for the past six weeks and have dropped 5 pounds without changing my diet at all. I figure that I will be back to my ideal weight within the next two moths. All I did was make five simple rules to live by – four to do with exercise and one to do with eating:

1. I Must Park Farther Away: When we go to the store or any other place by car and we need to park in the parking lot, I always choose a space that is at least halfway or farther from the store. This means that I need to take an extra couple minutes to walk across the parking lot, but I have found that it actually saves time. Most of the time when I try to get us a parking spot near the store, I end up having to wait or drive around a bit to get it. This is no longer the case so I get exercise and it really doesn’t take me any longer.

2. I Must Use Stairs: When faced with a situation of using an elevator, an escalator or stairs, I always choose stairs. Since there’s no way that I’m going to walk up 15 flights of stairs, I made the rule that if it’s two flights of stairs or less I have to walk. Since most of the stores in my area are multi-level this means that I walked stairs instead of using the escalators.

3. I must Do Something While Watching TV: When I watch TV, I have to be doing something else while I watch. This is far less difficult than I thought it would be at first. There is always some type of easy task that needs to be done which I can do while watching TV. I tend to do a lot of sorting of collectible items during this time. What this means is that instead of lying on the couch perfectly still, I am moving about (at least a small amount) during this time. While it wouldn’t seem to make a big difference, it surprisingly does…or

4. I Have To Get Up At Commercials: If it is a TV program that I want to devote my entire attention to so I don’t want to do something else while watching, then I must get up during the commercials. I thought this would be distracting, but it’s is amazing the amount of 3 – 4 minute taskes that you can get done if you simply get up. Dishes get done, preparations for the next day don’t wait until after the program is over and the house becomes a lot cleaner. My wife absolutely loves that I implemented this rule.

5. I Can’t Eat At My Computer: Since I spend virtually the entire day in front of a computer, I found that I was snacking quite a bit while working. The biggest problem was that when I was snacking, it became a habit and I wouldn’t stop even though I wasn’t hungry. I implemented the rule that I was not allowed to eat anything while I sat in front of the computer. This doesn’t mean that I can’t eat snacks, but just that I need to get up from my computer and eat them in another area. What I found was that this greatly decrease the amount of snacks that I was eating without any feeling that I was going without since I could still eat whenever I wanted. Since many people probably don’t spend near as many hours in front of a computer as I do, you may want to substitute this for watching TV or some other activity where you find that you snack a lot.

Those were the only steps that I took and it has been enough to tip the balance. Even better, the rules have made me a lot more productive so it turned out to be a double bonus. All the steps are very easy to implement and I would be surprised if you would even notice after the first week of doing them. For someone to doesn’t need to lose a lot of weight, but would like to shed a few pounds so that they felt a little bit healthier, I would highly recommend putting the steps into effect.

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15 Responses to Five Simple Steps To Lose 10 Pounds

  1. vsjhoc says:

    Great ideas. I’m glad I don’t have to give up pizza!

  2. dan says:

    This is exactly the type of thing I have been looking for. Will start it this week and hope it works as well for me.

  3. ken says:

    i currently park farther away from the entrance. additional benefits: minimize dings and dents from adjacent cars, more room for the shopping cart to load the kids and groceries, and less likely to run over people walking by as you pull out.

    I am trying to cut out tv to a minimum. folding laundry while watching tv is a good idea. But when I multitask other things, the tv is off and the radio is on. TV is generally not important to me. The idea of being an overweight couch potato is a unhealthy one.

    Some people equate dieting to eating less food resulting in less groceries. But it’s more likely that a change in habits that would yield better results.

  4. Tim says:

    I recommend cutting sodas out completely and switching to water. This alone led me to lose 10 pounds. I also switched over to watching less tv and listening to more podcast which I can use to provide entertainment on my jogs.

  5. Maria says:

    Good tips. I try to park far when I can except when the weather is really bad.

    Also, you can try to find other ways of getting to places like riding a bike or riding a bus. With buses, you have to walk to the bus stop. Not only you are saving money on gas but you are getting healthy and saving the environment.

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  7. Kelly Jones says:

    I’m to a average person who is not over weight but want to lose the 15 pounds i gain in the last month and even thought i do a little exercise and do eat well besides the common fatting snacks i just can’t get the weight off at all i need help really

  8. Louise says:

    This is what I have been looking for. I will start today and make small changes. Like for example since I don’t have a car I am going to jog for a while in my neighborhood park in the evenings.

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  10. jenna says:

    i am 15 years old and i want to loose weight of my hips, butt and inner and outter theighs. iam 5”7 and aprox 126lbs. I eat a lot of pasta and a lot of carbs, and cutting food down is way too hard, but im trying I want to loose this weight fast can you help me put together a diet schedule and some exercises?
    thanks so much

  11. Nikki says:

    This is helpful but not quite the thing that I need to acheive and no I am not at a really high age it is just that though I am skinny I feel though that I am over weight Last year when I went to the dentist he said that I am over the limit and should start and exercise for the fact and thou I may not look fat I think that I can feel it I don’t want to be fat but also not too skinny!!!

  12. amy bailey says:

    Wow i lost atleast 10 pounds and still ate the same amount of food!!!
    Omg it was easier then 123

  13. Heather says:

    Haha wow when reading this I caught myself doing alot of it 😀

  14. AJ says:

    I do all this and more and I am gaining weight.

  15. claude says:

    I gave up pizza and still didn’t lose. Maybe, I should have tried this.

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