BBQ Deals – Coupons Even Men Will Love

By S. Shugars

Many people don’t like coupons. I’m one of them. But with BBQ season now upon us, this is the one time of the year that I do use coupons. If you go to the alcohol section of the grocery store, you will see that many of the wines, hard liquors and beers will have coupons offers for BBQ necessities – charcoal, chicken, hot dogs, ground beef, fish, buns, lighter fluid, etc – some of the things you wouldn’t think there would be coupons for.

You don’t even have to purchase the item in most cases to get the coupon value – just take the coupon off the alcohol. I realize there is some ethical considerations in this since the coupon is meant fo


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2 Responses to BBQ Deals – Coupons Even Men Will Love

  1. Jason says:

    Now, if the legislature in Pennsylvania would only join the 21st-century and allow alcohol sales in grocery stores, I could try your suggestion!

    (Yes, we have to go to a special ‘state store’ with overpaid government store clerks :)

  2. Plutocrat Paul says:

    The problem isn’t that they are over-paid Jason. Most workers in this country are under-paid and that includes the average hated government employee. If you want a nation of slave labor go to South-East Asia, or just wait…the plutocrats are pushing to throw the 98% of us under a bus anyhow.

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