Why Gas Is Expensive – Free Drinks – $100 For A Rubber Duck – I Wish You Enough

Financial wake-up call Why Is Gas So Freakin’ Expensive: Looking for the reason that gas prices are so expensive? The Consumerist takes a look at the different issues that affect the price that we pay at the pump.

Free Drinks: Here is an idea that will be starting a few days in Japan and will likely move to the US if successful. Vending machines that offer you free (or discounted) drinks if you are willing to spend half a minute to watch a commercial. An interesting concept to look for in the future.

$100 For A Rubber Duck: If you happen to be on the beach on the east cost this summer, keep your eyes open for rubber ducks as they could be worth $100. An interesting article (not really financial) about a co


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One Response to Why Gas Is Expensive – Free Drinks – $100 For A Rubber Duck – I Wish You Enough

  1. GazelleIntense says:

    I can tell you why gas is high. it’s called Greed. Period.

    back in the winter, I was paying $2.09/gal for regular… not too bad…

    now it’s like $3.25 or something? What’s changed?

    we have just as much gas now as we did back then. They are still making just as much as best I can tell.. nothing’s changed… but the price.

    they are charging more because of greed. They know they can get any price they ask because we all need our cars. We need gasonline.

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