Being Young Changes All The (Financial) Rules

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I keep reading general financial advice and disagreeing as it applies to me.

Obviously, every one has a unique financial situation. Overall, it is better to get financial advice tailored toward your own situation. But over and over I notice that financial advice does not really apply to my case simply because I am young.

Your age can make a huge difference on the course of action you should really be taking financially. Just as you need to look at things very differently as you near retirement, when you are young and in your 20s, you have many advantages that the general population does not have. Let me share a few areas where I have noticed this recently.

First, let’s look at the gr


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4 Responses to Being Young Changes All The (Financial) Rules

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  3. mas says:

    Your perfectly right that investing in long time stock market is much less critical and more rewarding for young investors than for old investors.
    Nevertheless the golden rule to not invest lend money is an important one, simply because live doesnt always run smooth. And should live run more “unsmooth” than anticipated at the wrong time, e.g. when your assets are down and while your mortgage is still humming, then you could end up loosing a lot.
    If your willing to take the gamble then its fine but one should be aware of it.
    Mortgage interest rates tend to be much higher than the normal interest you get and they can increase a lot in the wrong moment so reducing them is always a good investment in terms of a diverse investment.

  4. mas says:

    Also keep in mind that all investments into stocks are long time unflexible investments. Good yielding ones on the long run, unless your very unlucky, but still inflexible.
    A diverse investment structure that stands on more than one leg and has also elements that are more flexible may be less yielding for the lucky investor but it will be much more sound in turbulent times. And keep in mind that theres never a guarantee that our world will stay so relatively calm as it has been the last 30-40 year. We all got very accustomed to it but my 94 year old grandma can tell you different stories.

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