The Fastest and Safest Way to Real Estate Wealth

Investing in Duplexes, Triplexes, and Quads

Since I live in an area of the country where housing prices are higher than what I can afford, I was considering buying property in a very affordable state where I used to live and renting the property out. That city has a lot of available duplexes and quadraplexes, so I decided to read up on the subject. Investing in Duplexes, Triplexes, and Quads by Larry B. Loftis, Esq., promises to teach you “the fastest and safest way to real estate wealth.” The author makes a very good case for his point of view.

Real estate provides a unique set of benefits which includes cash flow, appreciation, tax benefits, equity buildup, and leverage. With many other types of investments, you will


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3 Responses to The Fastest and Safest Way to Real Estate Wealth

  1. Spokane Al says:

    Just a small, minor point of clarification. You stated, “You can’t buy $10,000 worth of stock unless you have $10,000.” Actually you can through a margin account, although I am much too conservative to follow such a strategy.

  2. Mike says:

    All good advice. Nice article.

  3. Amy F. says:

    Spokane Al,
    Thanks for that. I, like you, am too conservative to consider trading on margin, which I guess is why I glossed over it.

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