Kids Still Living At Home But Not Helping Financially (Your Advice)

Your Advice - help answer readers' questionsWhat would you do if you had children still in your home after they had graduated from college, but they weren’t helping out financially in any way? This is a question that one of the readers is facing and wondering what steps she should take to resolve the issue:

I hope that you can give me some advice on a problem that I have with my children. They are both adults with one being 24 and the other being 26 years old. After college, they moved back into our home where they have been ever since. Although I love having them with us and have no problem with them actually living here, I feel that them living with us has been quite detrimental to their financial well-being.

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52 Responses to Kids Still Living At Home But Not Helping Financially (Your Advice)

  1. Momwithboundaries says:

    My daughter will tell any parent…DO NOT ENABLE YOUR KIDS!!! They will resent you for it and take advantage of you! I made my daughter leave the house at 19 due to drugs, laziness, and lack of respect. She moved home 2 1/2 years later to get her life in order and was tired of the life “SHE” had chosen. She got her life together, bought her first home at 24 by herself (we did loan her $8000 which she has paid back with the first time homebuyers tax credit) pays all her bills, rents out her spare room to help with her bills(the rent pays half her payment, she bought within her means and what she could afford, not her dream home) drives a decent vehicle, goes on vacations, and enjoys life and feels a great deal of accomplishment and rightly so. I am very proud of who she has become and she thanks me all the time for not enabling her but loving her and being there for her when she needed me. She makes a very median income and does not extend herself. She manages money better than most people twice her age. She also tells all the parents of her friends to not enable their kids and let them grow up. When you let your kids deal with their own problems they no longer will be a problem to you. The problem is your kids need some problems. If they don’t have a job they should be leaving the house when you do and come home when you do and look for a job as long as you are at work. You’d be amazed at how quickly they will find work, even in this economy. Do your kids a favor and stop doing so much for your kids.

  2. Jack says:

    Alden, you show an impressive inability to accept others outside your own lifestyle along with a lack of understanding in the area of percentages for someone who graduated Ivy League. 99% is hardly anything. Out of 1 million individuals using birth control, would you say that the unlucky 10,000 deserve what they received as a result of their actions? Also, the rate for the most effective birth control is 97~99%, not simply 99%. Just a detail you seem to have missed.

    It seems as though you take great pride in your having been a “smart kid”, so I hope you don’t find my comments overly offensive. This post is intended to correct your bad advice and address your intellectual narrow-mindedness for the sake of others reading, not to attack your person.

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