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$10 Airline Tickets – Staples To Collect Used Computers – Not Taking Care Of Your Child Financially Is Abuse

Financial wake-up callMorning Quote: “Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.” – Cree Indian Prophecy

$10 Tickets On Every Flight: There is a new discount airline that will begin operation this week called SkyBus that will test the lengths people will be willing to go to for a deal. Ten seats on every flight have been set aside at $10 and they will be flying to airports on the outskirts of major cities using smaller planes than the major airlines to keep down costs. The service is bare necessities only, although you can upgrade. For example, if you want pre boarding rights to get the seat you want, it will cost you an extra $10. For those with time, not a lot of money and a willingness to fly no-frills, it is something to check out.

Staples To Collect Used PCs & Monitors (via Boston Gal’s Open Wallet): Some good news for those who would rather have their computers recycled rather than taken to the dump. Staples will become the first national retail store chain to accept computers and monitors (there is a $10 charge for each). Here are some other option for keeping your computer out of the landfill.

(language warning) It Is Your Job To Financially Provide For Your Children. Also, Neglect is Child Abuse: Strongly opinionated post that those who can’t afford to take care of a child and have one are committing child abuse (“When I say you must be able to afford the child you bring into the world, I mean you must be able to provide the basic necessities for your child to survive. I am not implying you need to be rich to have kids. I am simply stating if you can’t afford to feed, clothe and shelter your children without government assistance, then you are neglecting them.”)

And for those that need a bit more reading, the festival of frugality and carnival of shopping are both live.

2 thoughts on “$10 Airline Tickets – Staples To Collect Used Computers – Not Taking Care Of Your Child Financially Is Abuse

  1. Read the SkyBus info carefully. Not only must you buy all food and drinks on board, but the contract of carriage explicitly bans hot drinks and their rules of flying bans all food and drink that is not provided by SkyBus. Also, they fly a point to point service through their hub, so you in effect have to pay $20 to fly one-way from Seattle (Bellingham 3 hours north), to Boston (Providence, RI). As always, read the fine print.

  2. They also charge for baggage. $5 each bag for the first two and $50 each after that. If the price was right, even factoring in having to pay for food and baggage, I’d probably still fly them. But it’d have to be a darn good deal.

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