Know Thyself: Why Money Saving Gadgets Often Don’t Save Money

espresso machineBy S. Shugars, special contributing writer

Okay, I admit it. I’m a sucker when it comes to gadgets and other things that claim that they will pay for themselves over time. It appeals to my frugal senses to purchase things that will end up saving me money in the long run. The problem is that it doesn’t always work out quite the way that the advertisers claim (and I anticipate) that it will. While I realize that there are a lot of gadgets out there that really do save money and pay for themselves, there are also a lot that won’t work for me because I fail to take into account who I am. Here are a few that I have purchased with the good intentions of having them pay for th


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9 Responses to Know Thyself: Why Money Saving Gadgets Often Don’t Save Money

  1. Tom says:

    Regarding the espresso machine, ditch it and try the AeroPress, instead. I’ve been using one every morning and sometimes in the evening for about a year, now. I’m constantly amazed at how easy and GOOD it is (I can’t drink most coffee prepared outside the house; spoiled, I am!). Easy to use, easy to clean, and only $30. I’ve given four of them to good friends, and they’re even better friends, now. I can’t say enough about this gadget!

  2. cmalloooom says:

    french presses or those little italian stove top espresso makers are great if the investment of a full-blown espresso-maker isn’t worth it… I went in on an espresso machine with a roommate, utilizing her cousins’ employee discount at starbucks, bringing the cost down to $100 apiece, and I alone have used it nearly 300 times in the last year…. that’s a savings of about $1100, not to mention I can drink my cappucino in my pjs….

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  5. lavendergal says:

    My husband had a rule that a gadget had to be on the Christmas list for 3 years before we could get it. By then the fad had passed or we might actually use it. A cookie gun was the only thing I think he actually stuck to the rule on. But seriously, most of the gadgets we have bought over the years end up in the basement and then in the Goodwill bag if we can’t pawn them off on family or friends. So much money could have been spent on another vacation or something more worthwhile.

  6. cakesy says:

    I think you should rename this thread. It should be called Why I am a lazy bum – so lazy that you even blame your gadgets for your lazyness. To lazy to cook, to lazy to exercise, to lazy to ride that bike, to lazy to even make yourself a cup of coffee. That isn’t the worst bit, you don’t even realise that you are lazy, and you think it is your gadgets faults.

  7. SYLVIA says:

    O.K., Smarty, so maybe he is lazy; most of us are. At least he’s truly honest, which a lot of us are not! And his points are truly valid. Most of us are quite guilty of doing the same things.

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  9. Daniel Burke says:

    Just sounds like you’re a lazy person. Most of those items will save money for those that intend to use them.

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