The Top 1% – Free Books – Why You’re Getting Poorer – Saving And Not Spending Aren’t The Same

Financial wake-up call Reaching The $5 Million Club: If you want to be in the top 1% when it comes to wealth, you now need to have over $5 million. Some surprising findings – only 10% inherit and most have gained the wealth in the last 13 years – and what it takes to join this exclusive club.

The Best Places To get Free Books: Over 40 places on the Internet where you can find free books

The Trillion Dollar Income Shift, Parts 1 & 2: A look at the income gap in the US and an opinion on why it is as wide as it is today and why it is likely to continue to grow:

Income inequality in America today is not, as one might assume, about the upper 20% or even 10% wealthiest gaining at the expense of the res


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