The Top 1% – Free Books – Why You’re Getting Poorer – Saving And Not Spending Aren’t The Same

Financial wake-up call Reaching The $5 Million Club: If you want to be in the top 1% when it comes to wealth, you now need to have over $5 million. Some surprising findings – only 10% inherit and most have gained the wealth in the last 13 years – and what it takes to join this exclusive club.

The Best Places To get Free Books: Over 40 places on the Internet where you can find free books

The Trillion Dollar Income Shift, Parts 1 & 2: A look at the income gap in the US and an opinion on why it is as wide as it is today and why it is likely to continue to grow:

Income inequality in America today is not, as one might assume, about the upper 20% or even 10% wealthiest gaining at the expense of the rest. It is about the very rich, the extremely rich, the mega-rich gaining an ever-increasing relative share of national income while the middle, the working class, and the poor stagnate or decline in terms of their share of that income. It is about corporations and the wealthiest 1% households (the very rich), and even the top 0.1% (extremely rich) and 0.01% (mega rich), accruing for themselves a greater relative share of income at the expense of the rest and, in particular, at the expense of the lower 80% income groups in which fall virtually all the 90 million working class families and the government’s estimated 108 million non-supervisory workers in the U.S. workforce.

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The Art of Spending: The false assumption the saving money is the same as not spending money gets a lot of people into financial trouble.

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