I Fly Free & Get Paid To Have Sex

fly freeThere are a lot of people who don’t like credit cards for a variety of reasons. I am not one of those people. In fact, there are a lot of great reasons why I love my credit cards. These are the top five:

I Fly Free: One of the credit cards that I have is an airline affiliated credit card. This means that every time I spend money using that credit card I earn miles toward free tickets. I spend enough to earn a free ticket each year to fly round trip from Japan to the US.

I Get Paid To Have Sex: The other credit card that I have is one that pays me back 5% for every purchase that I make. Since it’s probably not appropriate for me to go into the details of my sex life here, it w


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20 Responses to I Fly Free & Get Paid To Have Sex

  1. Tom says:

    I’d love to know which credit card is giving you 5% back. I think most of the “money back” cards are giving 0.5%!

  2. pfadvice says:

    I’m in a bit of a different situation since I’m living in Japan, but there are cards that give up to 5% in certain categories:

    Cash Reward Credit Cards

  3. dan says:

    You should have gone into detail 😉

  4. junger says:

    Best headline ever.

    If only both happened at the same time.

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  6. Jim says:

    Come on, you could have omitted the third paragraph!

    This post/article has made pfadvice.com leave my “coffe break” routine. The filters at work did NOT like me visiting your site and neither did my boss when he saw the report!

    I don’t know anybody that can read this at work! I’m sorry the editors chose this article….


  7. ben says:

    lol – have to admit I was expecting something a bit more racy when I saw that headline.

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  10. Rhys says:

    Oooh, you devil suckering me in! Still, you get more rewards than I do with my credit card (the highlight of mine is I get 5% wine).

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  12. Funny & Interesting Stuff says:

    Smart title. Some of your similar post titles should be:

    The Credit Card Trap & Who He Sleeps with.

    Getting Unusually Intimate with Gas Gift Cards.

    IRS- Telephone Tax Refund Coming. (I’m not even touching this one)

    How Taxes Really Work it, & Work it Good.

    Test Drive the Mazda CX-7, Get a Free Best Buy Gift Card, & Have Lots & Lots of SEX.

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  14. adrienne says:

    I totally love the title. I love my credit cards; it ts free money for money i would have spent anyway. The big thing is to make sure you pay them of on time every month.

    Adrienne :)

  15. Of course this article caught my eye :)

    Great article! One of the best and most interesting credit card articles I have ever read!

    You certainly have a very creative way of making a rather dull topic very interesting!

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  18. I got to hand it to you. I’ve been writing about credit cards for 5 years and this is the most original way to write about the world’s dullest subject. Kudos!

  19. John says:

    That headline was the best I’ve read in a looong time!

    … and the days of getting big rebates from credit cards are long gone, sadly.


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