Junk Mail – Wealthy On Prosper – When Can I Retire – Insurance You Don’t Need

Financial wake-up call Reduce Junk Mail In 5 Easy Steps: If you hate junk mail as much as the next person and don’t use it to negotiate better deals, then there really isn’t any reason to have it delivered. Sitting Pretty gives five good steps to take to help reduce the amount of junk that arrives in your mailbox.

30 People Have Lent Over $100k on Prosper: It appears that there are some wealthy individuals that believe other people’s debt is a good investment.

I’m Twenty Years Old And Have No Debt – When Can I Retire And Live Off My Investments?: It’s a dream that we all have. The Simple Dollar takes a look at what it would take to do so.

From the past

Insurance You Don’t Need: While there are certain types of insurance that make sense to purchase, there are others that are a waste of money. Here are five situations where it doesn’t pay to get insurance.

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