Ten Things You Should Carry in Your Wallet or Purse


While there are things you should avoid carrying in your wallet or purse to minimize your financial security risk in the event of theft, here are a few things you’ll want to make sure to leave in. Carrying these items with you will make your life easier, both financially and emotionally, in an emergency or on an everyday basis.

1. A list of emergency contacts: If your body is rescued from the scene of a terrible car crash and you’re whisked away to a hospital, this information will allow emergency workers to contact those most important to you. Parents, children, significant others, close friends, and close relatives are all good candidates for your list. Make sure that some of


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15 Responses to Ten Things You Should Carry in Your Wallet or Purse

  1. phantomdata says:

    On point 7, won’t an officer get super scared of you digging around in your pockets? Man, imagine your dismay if you accidentally ran /that/ through the washer.

  2. Amy F. says:

    I don’t think so–plenty of people keep wallets in their pockets. Would that really be any worse than opening the glove box?

  3. Chris K says:

    If anything, just ask permission. You should already be moving slowly and keeping your hands in a non-threatening manner anyway, why not say “It’s in my wallet, officer. Do you mind if I get it out?”

  4. junger says:

    I learned the hard way that I needed to carry #11: a spare car key. The parking lot attendent sure didn’t like it that I was blocking his gate before the big concert and couldn’t open the car door. Oops.

  5. dan says:

    We don’t keep high value coupons (#6) in the wallet, but in the car glove compartment. We also keep all our fast food coupons there. This means that either of us can use these coupons if we happen to need them.

  6. ben says:

    Does anyone else keep a secret $20 in a hidden compartment inside their wallet? This is my failsafe in case of an emergency. I’ve only had to use it once, but I’m sure glad that I had it at that time

  7. joan m. says:

    I would add a bandaid to the list. Hey you never know. I’ve needed one many a time, sometimes not for me but for the person I’m with.

  8. Blissna says:

    Condom needed.

  9. ben says:

    I think that you should have traded #6 for a rocket launcher! Who really needs coupons anyway?And how usefull would a rocket launcher be?!!!

  10. a friend says:

    hay condoms are needed only if u no ur gunna slip up… but u need pads if ur a girl and money so u can always get home…and lotion for embaressing ash marks, and u cant forget that you need to keep a cell close

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  12. thomas says:

    I would suggest that they carry a piece of paper with their medicade card number on it for the emergencies. Most hospitals will admit patients if they have the number even if they don’t have the card with them at that moment. Then they can provide other information later if need be.

  13. rohan says:

    hey man u forgot condom!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ryan says:

    Um, you have to “dig around” in your wallet for your ID anyway, so why would anyone get “super scared” if you also got your insurance/registration out at the same time?

  15. zakk says:

    You must move slowly as the police officer is sensitive to fast movement.

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