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Over $2400 In Overdrafts (Your Advice)

Sometimes finances go beyond your own and involve the finances of good friends or family members. When the finances aren’t yours, but those close to you, how do you help those that are obviously having trouble keeping their finances under … Continue reading

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Reasons Not To Be Cheap – Well Stocked Liquor Bar – 10 Free iTune University Courses

Reasons Not To Be A Cheap B*stard: There are times to save money and then there are times when being cheap is going to cost you much more in some other way. So before you decide that something isn’t worth … Continue reading

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Making Less Money Than Your Dad Did

A new study finds that men in the 30s are making less than their fathers did. Since this age group is somewhat representative of what the generation is likely to earn for the rest of their lives. While the reasons … Continue reading

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Five Traits of the Truly Frugal Gardener

If you’re creating a garden on the cheap or going for the frugal to downright FREE garden, here’s my list of must haves: 1) The frugal gardener needs to be flexible, as in no master landscape plan set in concrete. … Continue reading

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Your Credit History Could Be Worth Thousands: The Loophole That Can Raise A Poor Credit Score

Disclaimer: I always have a difficult choice on whether to report these loopholes because even if they may technically be legal, they certainly are an abuse of the intended law. I do not recommend that people participate on either side … Continue reading

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Is Working For A Multi-Level Marketing Company A Good Choice? (Your Advice)

When you decide to take on a part-time job, you have to figure out what job opportunities are legitimate and which are going to cost you money rather than help you make money. This question comes from a reader who … Continue reading

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Why Gas Is Expensive – Free Drinks – $100 For A Rubber Duck – I Wish You Enough

Why Is Gas So Freakin’ Expensive: Looking for the reason that gas prices are so expensive? The Consumerist takes a look at the different issues that affect the price that we pay at the pump. Free Drinks: Here is an … Continue reading

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Being Young Changes All The (Financial) Rules

I keep reading general financial advice and disagreeing as it applies to me. Obviously, every one has a unique financial situation. Overall, it is better to get financial advice tailored toward your own situation. But over and over I notice … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons I Did Not Bid On Your eBay Listing

By Wixx, special contributing writer I am sure that I am not the only person who did not bid on your auction because of one of these reasons. That means that you may now be relisting your item, or selling … Continue reading

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New Or Used Car? (Your Advice)

When it comes time to get a new car there are always a lot of questions that arise since it is a purchase that isn’t done very often. This reader wants to know whether or not she should get a … Continue reading

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Googling Credit Card Numbers For Profit – What To Do With $2500 – Your Rights As A Debtor – Soft Drinks & Health

Googling Credit Card Numbers For Fun and Profit: The question is, why are credit cards still so easy to find on the Internet? It’s seems that the credit card companies don’t seem to mind so much if you credit card … Continue reading

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What You’re Not

By S. Shugars In this consumer centered world that we live in, it is often easy to forget that: You are not the car you drive. You are not the house you live in. You are not the clothes you … Continue reading

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Rental Car Insurance: Making Use of Credit Card Benefits

You may not know this, but your credit card provides a lot of additional services in addition to letting you postpone payment on purchases and earn cash back or frequent flyer miles. One of these services is rental car collision … Continue reading

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The Fastest and Safest Way to Real Estate Wealth

Since I live in an area of the country where housing prices are higher than what I can afford, I was considering buying property in a very affordable state where I used to live and renting the property out. That … Continue reading

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Three Questions To Ask About Product Lifetime Costs

How much did your car cost? How much did your camera cost? How much did your house cost? When you answered each of these questions, you likely chose the price that you paid for them. Whenever people go out to … Continue reading

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Work Documents Are Worthless If Your Grammar Stinks

When it comes to resumes, work documents, and other professional writings, the quality of your writing directly impacts your success. Poor quality writing can lead to missed opportunities and negatively affect your earning power or financial well-being. When you don’t … Continue reading

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Cingular Charges $705 For $218.26 Phone Bill (Your Advice)

This question actually comes for the forums from a member that wants to know how a phone bill all of a sudden jumped dramatically in price when they threatened to switch phone companies: My mom wanted to get a family … Continue reading

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Credit Cards Cheer Regulation – Ticket Myths, College Myths and Parent Myths

Credit Card Companies Cheer New Regulation?: Yes, it sound a bit fishy and there is a very good reason for it. The credit card companies are hoping by accepting a bit of oversight now, they will derail legislation that is … Continue reading

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Costly Secrets Cosmetic Companies Don’t Want You To Know

No one would be surprised to read that cosmetics companies exaggerate the claims of what their products are able to do, yet thanks to an endless tirade of marketing, many of us still believe part or all of what we … Continue reading

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10 Commute Alternatives To Consider

Most people assume that there is no way to reduce the cost of their commute, but there are a number of alternatives worth considering. Here are 10 ideas that can help you reduce the amount you spend commuting: Get up … Continue reading

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