Things You Shouldn’t Carry In Your Wallet or Purse


Yesterday, I was reading my email and one was from a friend who had just had her purse stolen in a drive-by purse snatching. While losing the money in the purse is definitely both maddening and frustrating, it’s much of the other stuff that is in there that could become a pain both in time and money to replace as well as be a security risk.

After I read my friend’s story, I cleaned out my own wallet to minimize my risk. After you read this article, you should do the same. Here are some items you should think twice about keeping in your purse or wallet, or avoid carrying at all.

1. Social Security Card: In the age of identity theft, we all know that this is the last piece of info


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7 Responses to Things You Shouldn’t Carry In Your Wallet or Purse

  1. Teri says:

    Good Post. I follow the same rules.

    The only caveat is I usually don’t carry my keys in my purse, but then sometimes I forget my purse, because I am a dork – LOL. But that is usually if I am in a friend’s home or something, I drop my keys in the purse because without my keys I can’t leave. Sometimes it is better to remember your purse – LOL.

    But yeah, no cash, extra credit cards, and certainly no checks or SS#s in my purse. & usually most places I don’t forget the purse and it isn’t an issue. 😉 Also, I just don’t carry my purse around a lot of the time. Sometimes pockets are better and safer from theft.

  2. phantomdata says:

    I make sure to keep a card in my wallet with my phone-number and an advertised “$20 reward and good conscious”, just in case I drop my wallet and someone with half a moral happens upon it.

    Barring that, I was able to track someone down by calling one of the numbers on a business card they had in their wallet. Not necessarily the most terrible thing to keep in your wallet.

  3. Dwight S. says:

    That’s a good idea. You should probably change that to “$20 reward and good conscience,” though.

  4. phantomdata says:

    Haha, good point Dwight. Thanks for pointing that out.

  5. J.B.Slife says:

    I carry business cards…they prove I make nothing. I’m a gymnastics coach.

  6. John says:

    I checked my dad and aunt’s wallet and purse for them. They don’t carry their social security cards, BUT their medicare (or medicaid) cards use their social security number. They have both had to have emergency care so they feel more secure carring them, however they are getting forgetful and they leave their checkbook/purse/wallet sometimes. So what should they do?

  7. ben says:

    yea i juss recently got my wallet stolen from my pocket…could someone have taken it with out me feeling it???

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