Free Wi-Fi On The Road

Where to find free wi-fi

We’ve all been there: riding down the road on the way to a huge sales meeting when the half-caff no-foam double latte spills and ruins the directions. The only thing that will save the day is a WiFi hotspot so you can get your directions and get back on your way. All perfectly legitimate, right? Right…

The reality is that there are people with real reasons to need wireless access when they’re on the road, the freer the better. My husband is one of them, and I’ve picked his brain on the best places to find free wifi access in practically any area. For many of these, you may be able to find a usable signal from the comfort of your car.

Anywhere but Starbucks! That


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2 Responses to Free Wi-Fi On The Road

  1. Amy F. says:

    Thanks for the awesome tips! Now when I’m stuck in monstrous traffic on the way home, I can try pulling off the road and using the internet for a while from the comfort of my car until traffic clears up.

    I’m sure there are some network security risks involved here–do you know what they are and what the average user should do to protect herself?

  2. Tina Parcell says:


    The security risks on a wireless network are the same as on any network: big! If you’re going to be using your computer in a public location (wireless or otherwise), I would advise checking into some good anti-virus and firewall software. Zone Alarm has been a favorite in my family for years. They usually offer a trial, but the software itself is well worth the investment.

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