Starting a Business with Pocket Change Part 3

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In Part Two of Starting a Business with Pocket Change (you can also read part 1 of this series) I discussed specific steps to take and purchases to make when it’s time to create a business identity and launch your business. This next article in the series will touch on free software for running your business. Productivity and money flow are the lifeblood of any business, no matter what the size. Being able to get a handle on these will make running the rest of your business that much smoother.

Productivity and Time Management

Task Coach is OpenSource software that can make planning, tracking, and even invoicing a little bit easier. It’s based on a pretty simple premise: tasks c


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5 Responses to Starting a Business with Pocket Change Part 3

  1. Henry @ Binary Dollar says:

    I want to also mention that Microsoft has a free Accounting Express product that looks pretty cool.

    I wish someone had a free online accounting software.

  2. Tina Parcell says:

    There are actually several pieces of no-cost OpenSource accounting software that are designed to be web-based by installing them on the server that hosts your website. If you are interested, I’ll be happy to investigate a few and possibly create a demo area on my site where you can see them.

  3. Henry @ Binary Dollar says:

    Naw. Probably not worth the effort. Thanks Tina. I appreciate it a lot.

    You’d think there was a free service open to the public though. You know?

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