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Money For Nothing – $4 A Gallon Gas

Financial wake-up call Money For Nothing: Do we have to do something to get money? Most people would say yes, but according to a recent study, today’s college kids don’t necessarily believe that.

$4 A gallon Gasoline On The Way: Due to increased commutes, oil refinery limitations and the gulf hurricane season on the way, motorist shouldn’t be surprised to see $4 a gallon at the pump this summer.

And if you need more reading for the start of the week, the following carnivals should give you plenty:

2 thoughts on “Money For Nothing – $4 A Gallon Gas

  1. Money for Nothing – oh yeah. I don’t think the allowance is the answer though. It is a symptom of a much bigger problem. Frankly, kids are getting everything handed to them on a silver platter and they just don’t have a grasp on reality. It starts young! I notice a profound sense of entitlement, in the young-20s crowd around here. No concept of waiting for things and working for them. A general belief that working hard does not pay off (such an extreme opposite from how my family made it to the middle class and how I was raised – hard work is everything to me).

    The infant to toddler set are spoiled like you would not believe. On that end, maybe because a lot of parents are waiting longer (& for more financial security) before having kids. I still don’t get why the most expensive name brands, concerts and amusement parks for 1-3-year-olds, and trips to Chuck-E-Cheese every week is the norm. Oh yes, and luxury vacations – multiple times a year. I never had all that growing up – so much anyway – but when we did it sure was a treat. Kids are getting used to all this stuff as a norm before they can even walk and talk! IT has just been mind boggling to me. Frankly, my kids have a ton more than we did as kids, and many more opportunities, which I think is great. But it is a constant battle for me. I really want them to know their roots, have a strong work ethic, to know generations before them worked very hard to allow them this lifestyle.

  2. Money for nothing – When the U.S hits a financial crisis, then people will start waking up and stop giving in to their kids wishes and whims!

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