If you have ever been in a brick and mortar store and wished for the convenience of online price comparisons when deciding on a purchase, there is a service out there that tries to bring just that to your cell phone. The service is called Frucall. As long as you have a cell phone, you can use the Frucall service for free.

To use the service, simply call 1-888-DO-FRUCALL. Type in the bar code of the item you are pricing and your zip code (so it can factor shipping costs), and an electronic voice will read off the best prices it finds on the Internet. After reading off the best prices, a nifty feature is that you can immediately purchase the item over the phone. Frucall searches for the best prices using Yahoo, Google,, and Amazon.

There a are a lot more features to this service. You can hear a general star rating of the product, and hear how many reviews the rating is based on. The service also gives you the ability to leave VoiceNotes about particular items and to have the information text messaged to you. You can also sign up for a free Frucall account online and access your search history and the status of any orders, etc.

After reading some mixed reviews I tested the service with a television we recently bought. It gave me three prices for the television, which factored the shipping costs based on our zip code. I was impressed as it read off some stores and lower prices that I had not even found on my own web search. Of course, considering we generally never make big purchases without a lot of research, I can see some of the arguments that some of us who would use it the most would have already done our research, and most the rest of the consumers just wouldn’t care. But even after finding out I paid half as much as the best online price for our newest electronic gadget, I was still left impressed with the service and I decided to remember Frucall for future last minute purchases. At least I can get an idea of some customer reviews or other prices out there, when it comes to unplanned purchases.

I also tested a toy dinosaur that I just purchased from the Dollar Store (not necessarily expecting to find it online through the service). Paid $1 and the best price online was just over $2. I guess if nothing else it can make you feel good about your great bargain shopping, after the fact.

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  1. moneymaker says:

    nice new service. like the name but it doesn’t sound so original. so froogle.

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